tiny progress









I finally have a real stitching finish. It only took me a week to get the final 7 stitches done on this one. I’m going back and forth on framing and making a pillow. The design is from Little House Needleworks and it’s called Needlework School. I think it’s very sweet.

I’ve also started another little sampler, this one from Country Stitches called Dame of the Needles Sewing Roll. I have an additional pattern with threads ready to ship if someone is looking for this, just email me for price info. I haven’t decided yet whether to add this to the webshop.

I knitted Amber a wrap at Christmastime and wanted to do one for myself. I finally had a yarn combination on hand that I really liked so I’ve made a tiny start. I’m using this pattern and this yarn and this yarn. It’s hard to tell yet if I love it, need to knit a bit more I think.

A little garden news, the chives have pretty purple flowers and the cilantro has bolted (now I’m growing coriander) and a butterfly stopped by.

Happy Monday!


3 thoughts on “tiny progress

    • A hornbook is a very cute idea but I’m not sure it goes with my decorating style, I’ll have to think about it. Thanks for the suggestion and the congratulations!


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