a few random things







I’m up to my eyeballs in orders to be sewn and shipped so here are just a few random things. I did take a short break from all the the sewing I have to do to….sew something. Actually I was trying to get the tension sorted on my machine and decided to zip these charm pack squares together for another little back yard quilt. Hanging it in the window gives it a pretty stained glass look I think. It’s not going to stay there but I enjoyed seeing it like that. Eventually I’ll get it truly made into a quilt but probably not this week.

Other things, my girls bird watching. Goodies Tyler has rounded up for his new apartment. Some mini quiches I made with leftover pie crust dough from the last quiche I made (crust recipe on my food page if you’re looking for a good one), and some grocery store treats. I can’t remember the last time I found perfectly ripe pears. Ethan hopes to keep this beautiful back yard bloom (where it had no right to be to begin with) around as long as he can. It’s still looking pretty good after 5 days on my windowsill.

Happy Monday!


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