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I think I’ll blog some of my Pinspiration projects, they’ll probably all be about food, but who doesn’t like food?

We’ll start it off with a recipe I very recently pinned. I’m sorry if you have no idea what I’m talking about, if you’re not pinning, you probably have more time to do housework and other important things, things that I try to squeeze in around my pinning…looking at a beautifully tidy home on Pinterest inspires me to think about how my own home could be neat and tidy, and as soon as I pin ‘one more pin’……I’ll get right on that…..pinners you know what I’m talking about! If you’d like to see all my pins in one spot…click HERE! Or if you prefer to see them a bit more organized….Here.

Yesterday I made Pork Carnitas. Let me just say this is a delicious recipe and so well written I don’t think you can go wrong. The recipe tells you EXACTLY what to do and the results…scrumptious! I’ve tried a few other recipes (I saw them on Pinterest) from the same blog – she has some really good food on there.

I did substitute a different cut of pork. I used boneless country style ribs (shoulder). I was happy with the results and it was much more economical based on what was on sale when I shopped. I loved that the meat was already in smaller pieces so cutting the 2 inch cubes was really fast and easy using the ribs. This meat was good in a warm tortilla with cheese and other toppings and delicious all by itself. I will be making this again and the whole family is glad of that!


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