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I really like things with coconut. I’ve tried a few macaroon recipes but was never quite happy with them. When I saw these I knew they’d be worth a try. I’m very happy to say these are wonderful. I don’t usually like to take short cuts by using pre-packaged, pre-made ingredients but for these, I’ve decided not to mind so much :0)

Here’s the PIN – if you’re unfamiliar with Pinterest, a click on the pin should lead you to the source, this isn’t always true but I usually check to make sure they work before pinning.

I did swap pure vanilla for the almond extract on these. I can’t imagine that much almond in this recipe, it’s a perfect amount of vanilla however. I mixed the milk and vanilla right in the can. I went with Pillsbury Big & Flaky crescent roll dough, I only used 3/4 of the tube. Using the Big & Flaky means fewer seams to deal with but I don’t see that they are really that big of an issue with this recipe anyway. This is so quick to assemble, and clean up – no mixing bowl or measuring cups needed. I didn’t really measure anything for this, I used a 14 oz bag of coconut (a little more than the recipe calls for) and squeezed what seemed the right amount of vanilla in the milk and like I said mixed it together right in the can, use half the coconut and milk below the crescent roll dough and the other half on top (you drizzled the milk over the coconut) – Another keeper!


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