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I’m not in the habit of blogging specifically about my kids. They show up here and there in various posts – I usually don’t feature them but I thought I’d just share a quick general update on their Summer activities. It’s been a nice busy Summer so far.

Amber moved from her apartment to a house, here’s her semi-unpacked living room – I love her purple couch. We try to do something about once a week, important things like shopping and lunch!

Tyler moved from our house to his own apartment. This is before we stuffed it to the gills will all of his treasures last weekend. I’m not sure how long before it will look semi-unpacked…

Kellen has been riding his bike all over creation and reading Mark Twain, he’s almost done with that book. Jerry has been picking out things for him to read, wonder what will be next? He now has a room to himself which I know he is happy about.

Ethan just gets dragged along wherever I go. We are doing school all Summer so that takes up part of our day. We try to go for at least a 40 minute walk everyday, preferably with a playground in the vicinity.

Hope your Summer (if it is Summer where you live, otherwise your Winter) has been good so far – it’s flying by.


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