update & winner!







Sorry to be so late with this post, the little wireless device I use to connect to our internet quit working, Tyler fixed me up with another gadget so I’m back!

I finished up my brown projects!

Stitching – this is JBW’s The Queen Bee. I stitched this on Antique Ivory Cashel in DMC 3031, I left off stitching the bow as I plan to attach a bit of ribbon when I make a little pillow. I think this little design is adorable. I will blog my little pillow finish sometime this week, I’ve only begun to look through my fabric for finishing.

Knitting – I finished up this little cowl. It’s a simple pattern and uses less than a small skein of wool. Here is the pattern and this is the yarn I used (cork). It won’t be too long before this will be just the thing for my morning walks.

Sprouts – they grew, they’re yummy!

The Winner–

Linda in VA, you name was drawn. Please email me your shipping info and I’ll pop your markers in the mail.

Thank you to all who entered and for your sweet comments.


5 thoughts on “update & winner!

  1. I love the cowl! So much so that I downloaded the pattern and tend to make one for myself. Did you knit it as is, or did you choose the Variation at the bottom of the pattern:: (making it longer with added Eyelet pattern repeats and border rounds?)

    • Good questions – I did not change the needles, sock/fingering is the same weight I think, either way, I used 5s. I did cast on 12 extra stitches and I knitted 6 eyelet pattern repeats.

  2. Also… since it’s a Fingering Yarn that you used, did you change the needle size from the suggested #5 in order to get the correct gauge?

  3. I’m so excited about winning the markers!! Woot Woot!

    I love the cowl and love that cross-stitch pattern! I’m going to be doing both soon. The brown is just so pretty – so fallish….

    Linda in VA

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