odds and ends









A few tiny projects around the house. I’ve been on the look out for a set of these Jane Austen Royal Mail stamps. I found a set on eBay (there are lots of them on there) and set about making a little framed keepsake. I picked up a sheet of scrapbook paper and frame at Hobby Lobby. you can stick these to the paper like a regular stamp or use little hinges (tiny scraps of gummed paper) to stick them on the background. I put them in the frame in order of my favorite novels but these are my two favorite stamps.

I have oodles of knitted dish cloths but I was missing one color! I finally rounded up some really nice blue cotton. I’ve tried to find more of this (it’s less than $2 a skein which is part of what I love about it) but no luck. It’s called Filati Fantasia Carezza and knits up really nice. I used this pattern on size 8s and increased to 44 stitches before decreasing.

The Sampler Girl was clearing out some personal stash and I couldn’t resist this stitched model – the design is from her French Folio which I think is only available til the end of the month. I laced it into a thrift shop frame I’ve had since Michigan, such a sweet new sampler for my wall!


PS – all my dish cloths in one place…


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