Summer Fresh









I do think one of the best things about Summer is the fresh fruit and vegetables. We have a new market in town that has their own farm and also sells lots of very fresh, very local produce. Between that, the farmer’s market, and my own little garden I’ve had the yummiest fresh ingredients to cook with this week.

Also – thank you to Amber for the jar of delicious lemon curd (freshly made).

The Recipes –

Blueberry Pancakes (Krusteaz box mix – I cheated, just fling in some fresh blueberries)
Lemon Curd (by Amber & Alton Brown)
Roasted Carrots (with thyme from my garden)
Quiche (with fresh spinach)
Grilled Cheese Caprese (fresh tomato & basil – from my garden)

the last two recipes can be found my food page.

Happy fresh eating!


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