1 tiny zucchini!










I’ve got one! A tiny one!

Actually I don’t even have a picture of it. I decided to let my Russian Sage take over that part of the garden because the bees were so happy with the purple flowered monster that smothered everything else growing there. Yes I have hundreds of bees buzzing in the hedges this summer. No one has been stung and all the mosquito spraying our city has done seems to have had no bad effects – I can’t imagine more bees than we have already.

Yesterday while out watering I decided to poke around and I found a tiny squash. There are several flowers on the plant so I may see more yet. Also a volunteer sunflower (from the birdseed I suspect) and one of the other patches of morning glory seeds I planted are growing pretty well behind that purple jungle!

There aren’t many actual flowers left for the bees but they are making the most of them. Summer is fading.


Sorry there are so many pictures in this post. I simply cannot make decisions on Saturday!

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