Rocky Mountain Wednesdays






This is Hallett Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park. The hikes near here are very pretty and there are several lakes. I hiked here with a friend several years ago when there was still very deep snow on the ground which made for some good laughs as sometimes we were making our way through waist deep snow. He had actually spent a night with his dad on the peak once when a very bad ice storm hit while they were climbing. I had forgotten all about that hike til I started choosing pictures for today. I actually blogged earlier this year about Hallett, you can see it here with snow.

Today also made me think of September 11th Twelve years ago, at that time we were living across the street from one of the entrances to Rocky Mountain National Park. I remember Tyler worrying that they would crash airplanes into the mountains, he was Ethan’s age then.

Today’s post has become a bit gloomy, sorry. I think it might be from all this rain, we haven’t seen the sun since Sunday, a rare thing here in Colorado, but rain is good and I’m thankful for it.

I do hope your Wednesday is a good one!


PS – Here is some info about the hike I mentioned.

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