Rocky Mountain Wednesdays – Colorado Flood Releif






Happy Wednesday!

Flood cleanup continues. We’ve had the first significant snow on the peaks and I’m raising funds for flood relief!

We’ll start with something scenic. I took this photo yesterday, this snow has mostly melted now but you can see that winter is just around the corner. Not good news for flood cleanup and reconstruction. Roads are in a shocking state and some are gone completely. The second photo shows one of the last routes open to our doctor’s office….this road closes during the winter. The third picture is actually taken in the same location that I took the first, just looking in another direction. That is the bridge I used to cross when I went grocery shopping. All of our favorite walking paths are washed away and people are literally camping in the parks here. I’m still in awe of the destructive power of a serious flood.

I’ve been trying to think of a way I can do more to help those who lost so much and decided that I would ask you to join me stitching friends. If you’ve been thinking of purchasing an Impie, Hattie & Bea item, please consider doing so during my fundraiser. I’m donating a significant portion from every Impie, Hattie & Bea item sold through the Handcrafts Online website to recovery efforts. IH&B items purchased at other locations will not benefit this effort but I thank you very much all the same for your support. More details can be found at the IH&B HOL webpage. Also I am releasing something new during the fundraiser (watch for further updates), I’ve posted a ‘sneak peek’ here. Think Autumn! I’ll keep you posted on the amount we raise and where it’s being put to good work.

I’ll leave you with a very pumpkin filled picture I took at the market this morning!


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