Rocky Mountain Wednesdays






Just running a bit behind but I hope you will allow Rocky Mountain Wednesdays to appear on Thursday this week.

Yesterday just got busy with normal things along with Amber asking if I wanted to run to the yarn shop which turned into a stop at Michael’s as well, where she scooped up lots of Halloween decorations, I added a few things to my Autumn decor since I was there.

Later in the day, Tyler called to see if I wanted to go grocery shopping with him and we were nicely surprised when Jerry joined us there on his way home. I love days when I get to spend time with all 4 of my children, it’s a rare treat since my oldest two have their own homes. I’m glad we all live close enough for spur of the moment get-togethers.

Here are some photos with a real Autumn feel from the last day or two. Once I feel happy with my little bit of Autumn decorating I might add a picture to a future post.

Happy October!


Don’t forget about the Colorado Flood Relief Fundraiser going on at the webshop!

Amount raised so far – $40 to which I’m adding another $10 so we are up to $50 raised. Also, my local yarn shop is gathering (nice) things to give to knitters who lost their precious yarn and supplies in the flood. There was a lady at the shop yesterday who said her kitchen has mud up to the ceiling. We have whole areas very near us that are uninhabitable still. If you would like to donate something to the stash replacement drive at the yarn shop you should contact the shop for details .

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