Rocky Mountain Wednesday & Fundraiser Total!







A very big thank you to all who purchased Impie, Hattie & Bea products during the fundraiser I’ve been sponsoring at the webshop this past month. With your purchases, some direct gifts, and a few extra dollars I’ve added from time to time, we have raised $470.00 for flood relief. I’ll report next week about the recipients, I hope you are as excited as I am to be able to do this. Thank you again for your support.

Now for the pictures here. These again are from our recent short stay in Avon, Co. While there we drove up to Leadville which I’ve wanted to see since we moved to Colorado almost 18 years ago. It was mildly interesting and quite a scenic drive. We had a fancy lunch there – I ran into the grocery store and grabbed some buns, deli meat & cheese and some chips. The weather was beautiful and the combination of amazing Autumn and Winter scenes was wonderful. We drove across this bridge which I was not able to photograph successfully.

Ethan’s ankle is healing nicely, he tries to do too much with it and it flares up. I’m still having good days and bad days with this darn Autumn cough/bronchitis that hits me annually. Jerry has started a big, out of town project which is not in nearly such a nice or scenic locale and we miss him.

All fundraiser orders should be shipped by the end of the week and I’ll be getting shipments of the newest things ready for Hoffmans. I’ve also got a new model in the works.

Happy Wednesday!


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