5 days & cheesecake








I’ve spent a marathon week (sunrise to sunset) in the sewing room. I have made really good progress despite every bit of technology I own turning against me and the best efforts of two boys to sabotage my careful plans.

All individual Impie, Hattie & Bea orders (except 1) have been shipped and my Hoffman shipment, about 50 more hand-made items, is coming along nicely. I’ve shared a picture of yesterday’s view near the post office.

I did a bit of late night knitting, only a small portion has had to be pulled out because I was half-asleep… and I made a cheesecake and served it two ways. The recipe is on my food page.

I have updates for the fundraiser which I would have shared this past week during my Rocky Mountain Wednesday post but since that never happened…I’ll save it for next Wednesday.

Have a good weekend, I’m heading back to the sewing room.


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