Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

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I had thought about posting some photos of damage from the newly open areas here, it still amazes me what damage water can do. I’ve decided against that since things are really improving and there has been more than enough damage on the airwaves with typhoons and tornadoes lately. There always seems to be a need for help from weather emergencies. Both of the recent storms in the news have left terrible damage and make me wish I could do more!

I want to thank you all again, REALLY! With your purchases we’re able to help a local charity for women, a local small business that has just reopened and an individual I was told of who lost every thing in her craft room. This was in the form of an anonymous gift card – for the local small business. And finally the local animal shelter who is still caring for displaced pets and monitoring temporary foster homes for pets. I found out that more pets than people were actually rescued during the flood and there was a ‘no pet left behind’ policy practiced by all the agencies involved in rescues.

I hope you enjoy these photos I was able to take because a major road that was washed away creating a 140 mile detour, is now able to be used again. There are still several detours necessary for getting to the places we go but it is really getting so much easier to get around.

Happy Wednesday!!

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