Rocky Mountain Wednesdays


rmw 520f



rmw 1216d

Cold and snowy. These are some of my older photos that look very like what we’ve been experiencing lately. Warmer weather is on the way.

I’ve been keeping warm at home trying to be very productive. Some days feel like I’m really making progress and others… My ‘to do’ list never seems to get any smaller and I’ve been beating myself up a bit lately. It is quite possible my lists aren’t exactly practical in real life and I have unreasonable expectations but that doesn’t stop me for a minute from adding more things to the list and being unhappy with myself if it doesn’t get done.

I think I’ll go unwrap a few Dove chocolates and read the nice little messages inside…they don’t really help but eating the chocolate does.


2 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. I’m the same…unrealistic in my personal goals and expectations of myself. My husband is always saying that I do more than two people and that I should quit ragging on myself…but that’s hard. Hang in there! God has surrounded you with beauty 🙂

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