Christmas make & bake







Another little stitched addition for the tree, which I have just begun to decorate. This one is from the newest JCS ornament issue. Of course there are oodles of ornaments in there that I’d love to see on the tree but I chose this one for what I thought would be a quick project and if I could count properly it would have been. I added some sparkly bits as you can see.

The cookies are a new recipe to me. Brown Sugar Cookies from this WS book. It’s just possible the recipe may be missing a few ingredients but I went ahead anyway. They don’t look like the photo (at all) but they are pretty yummy and extremely rich. You can also find this recipe at the WS website where others express their concern about missing ingredients, some of them are pretty grumpy about it!

We have 2 birthdays to celebrate this week so more baking is planned, not sure if I have time for more making however!


PS – my ornament was stitched with random red and green threads I found in my left overs box

3 thoughts on “Christmas make & bake

  1. I like this ornament too Mary Kathryn, and have it on my list of “to dos” 🙂
    Your decorating is gorgeous!
    December Birthdays…mine are over for this year. 🙂
    Have a good week!

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