Christmas make & bake (in progress)






There’s a whole bunch of baking and making going on here today so I will be adding to this post. Jerry is home and using up his left-over vacations days for the rest of 2013 — Hooray! He’s off to do the Christmas shopping – don’t feel bad for him, he relishes the last minute madness and I must admit the stories he brings home are very good.

I started this star garland way back in October. I actually have about 5 knitted in various colors but only have this one in ‘finished’ condition. I’ve put off the garland til next year. Here is the pattern, I used up some fancy scraps of yarn, this one is cashmere.

I did a test bake of some dough for cinnamon rolls and similar yummy things. It turned out very well, for my test batch I baked up a large tea ring. I have another batch resting on my stove, I plan to use this dough for Christmas morning cinnamon rolls.

More later….


A Christmas treat I first tasted in Michigan (need to remember this doesn’t HAVE to be just for Christmas) – Baked Brie with Mushrooms, Almonds, and tarragon leaves. Here’s how I made this –

slice and saute mushroom in a little butter, when they are nearly done add some sliced almonds, cook til almonds are toasted and shake on lots (lots) of dried tarragon leaves. Unwrap a Brie cheese, I leave on the rind just pull off the paper/foil wrapper. Place it in an oven safe dish and pile the mushroom mixture on top. Bake at 350 til cheese is jiggly on the inside of the rind, 15-20 minutes, don’t over cook it. Remove from oven, slice open the rind and enjoy on crackers or toasted bread. Y U M!

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