Christmas Sweets & Treats









I hope your Christmas was Merry and that the New Year will bring you Great Things!

We had lots of treats here, the sweet kind and a few new things for my kitchen.

Christmas morning we enjoyed a hot cocoa bar, I made a slight adjustment to a basic crockpot cocoa recipe. You can find one from Country Cottage Needleworks in the 2013 Ornament Just Cross Stitch issue and also on Pinterest. I only used about 1.75 cups of chips (I used mini-chips and saved the other 1/4 cup for sprinkling) and added a bit of sugar and baking cocoa to the mix. I had several other choices for dressing up each cup and of course lots of whipped cream!

I have a new color in my Fiestaware collection – Lapis. Very pretty and already in use. Santa also left a little gadget in my sock for poaching eggs. I’ve tried it out with pretty good results, it will take a bit of practice to perfect but it will be a handy thing to have around.

I still have Flamingo (a dark pink) Fiesta on my kitchen wishlist! I think it will look perfect with my other colors.


3 thoughts on “Christmas Sweets & Treats

  1. Love your hot cocoa bar and your dishes! I have the Ivory fiesta and would like to add some other colors. I was in Dillards the other day looking at their Christmas line and loved the way the lapis and the turquoise played off it. I have some of the cobalt and love it but the lapis is gorgeous.

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