warm hands



This is a bit of a Post-Christmas make and bake.

I made some mitts for my sister and sister-in-law, a scarf for Tyler’s birthday (warm neck in this case) and a pair of mittens for myself. I even knitted a pair of mittens for a child in Afghanistan.

The treats are pretty self-explanitory. Ethan’s favorite warm drink at the moment is warm milk with all the fixings….

for my sister, Felicity Mitts, size small, Palette Yarn, Bluebell

for Tyler, Rasta Rib Scarf, Malabrigo Rasta Yarn, Zarzamora

for my sister-in-law, Snowfall Mitts, Stroll Tweed Sock Yarn, Garnet Heater

for a child in Afghanistan, Basic Pattern for Children’s Mittens with 4 Needles, size small, Lamb’s Pride Worsted, Roasted Coffee

for me, same pattern as above, size medium, Malabrigo Worsted, Geranio. I used my leftover yarn to make hearts for a Valentine’s garland. The heart pattern is here.

If you would like to knit wool, socks, hats, or mittens for Afghanistan they are accepting donations through the end of January 2014. Be sure to email them when you send your package and they will let you know when they receive it, donations are shipped to California for collection. You can read the guidelines here.


One thought on “warm hands

  1. Love everything!!! I’ve printed off the heart pattern.
    I keep thinking about making those rollo pretzel thingies, but keep changing my mind. I know I would eat a zillion – LOL!

    Linda in VA

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