Baking Buddies, a review







I was recently contacted by Rizzi of the New York Baking Company, she asked if I would consider blogging a review of their silicone baking cups which they call Baking Budies. I’ve used them twice now and here are my thoughts.

I loved the bright colors as soon as I opened the package. These are dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe. I baked some banana muffins (recipe on my food page) for breakfast on New Year’s morning. Jerry really dislikes having to peel the paper off of cupcakes and muffins so what a great chance to make use of one of the nice features of these cups. The muffins didn’t fall right out of the cups but they are pretty easy to remove, much easier than paper. I used these in a muffin tin for baking.

My second test was making cupcakes. These were a great size for muffins but I like BIG cupcakes. I wanted to see how these baked up if I didn’t use a muffin tin but just set the cups in a baking pan. Not everyone has a muffin tin and with these you don’t need one. I left the cupcakes in the silicone cups rather than remove them like I did with the muffins for serving. One thing I didn’t expect was how moist these kept the cupcakes over time. Cupcakes in paper liners dry out much faster than the ones stored in the silicone cups, even when stored in a covered container. The cupcakes were a little trickier to get out of the cups than the muffins were, the cake wanted to break apart so you have to remove it carefully. I wonder if this could partly be due to the texture of cakes baked in high altitude.

Washing up was very easy. I didn’t grease or flour the cups either time. There was a little stuck on batter and crumbs but it rinses right off. I would like to try these out as little jello molds next.

While I don’t see these as a complete replacement for paper liners, there are times when the theme of my cupcake decorating will call for something that coordinates better than these would, however these will be very handy to have around. I would love to see them available in a larger size, more like the cupcake liners I usually use but if you make cupcakes for small children or when baking muffins I think the size is just right.

You can find out more about Baking Buddies here.

I hope your week will be sweet!


6 thoughts on “Baking Buddies, a review

  1. These are cute and different. I wonder too if the sticking isn’t because of the high altitudes. Are you taking them off when the cupcakes are warm, luke warm, or cold?

    Linda in VA

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