pillowcases & pancakes








I am really trying to get the sewing room cleaned out for 2014. It’s become so cluttered I can hardly think in there! I’m trying to just get rid of most of what’s in there that I don’t use directly for Impie, Hattie & Bea, the webshop, and maybe one or two other projects – the rest HAS TO GO! I need to attack it when I’m feeling ruthless, that doesn’t happen very often!

I did run up a batch of pillow cases with some larger fabric pieces I had stashed and from some miscellaneous bolts I have on hand. I used about a yard for a standard pillow, a half yard more for a king sized. I love the mis-matched look of these and they feel nicer (and are finished nicer) than the mid-priced sheet set pillowcases I usually use. I have a few more fabric pieces to do up, I might blog a tutorial if anyone has an interest. I need to stop looking at these pictures, it might bring on a nap and then I’ll lose momentum!

And, just perfect after a night’s sleep on pretty pillows, blueberry pancakes – yum!

Yzma says hello.


10 thoughts on “pillowcases & pancakes

  1. Those pillowcases are so pretty! And yes, please, if you would feel like doing a brief tutorial, that would be awesome! I have a stack of fabric set aside for just that purpose – yet haven’t touched it yet as I would like a basic tutorial to see and follow.
    P.s. those pancakes are making me hungry!

  2. What a wonderful way to use up some of your fabrics! I really need to do this too. A cluttered sewing area can stifle creativity and become overwhelming! Thanks for the idea!

  3. I have just had a little sort out myself – sewing room was used as Xmas pressies and food store so got a little bit disorganised 🙂 Love your pillows and the pancakes look yummy!

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