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Back with another pillowcase and as requested, my method in detail.

For starters….I do NOT wash the fabric before I make my pillow cases. I’ve generally used high quality quilt shop fabric for these. There is a bit of shrinkage when I do wash them (before I use them) but not enough to matter. Since I don’t know what fabrics you may be using, I can’t say if shrinkage will be an issue for you. That being said, the fabric used in this tutorial is less than high quality, I’ll let you know what happens after I wash it :0)

You need to look at your fabric and decide if you are working with an all-over print or a one-way print. I’ve shown a sample of each. For an all-over print I use the ‘store fold’ for the edge of my fabric. I’m not uber-worried about being thread perfect straight and with/against grain on these either. These are basic fold and sew pillowcases, but nice ones :0). With a one-way print you may need to open up your fabric and fold it the other way to have the print look right. You can see if I went with the ‘store fold’ the ladies on the pink/yellow fabric would be sideways. Most fabric on the bolt (quilt fabric that is) is about 44 inches wide and you buy it by the yard. If you are using the store fold a yard is enough for a standard pillow, you will need an eighth or quarter yard more if you have to fold it the other way.

You want to start with a piece of fabric that is 40 x 36, 36 is your pillowcase length. Use the store fold or fold your fabric in half so that you are working on a 20×36 rectangle WRONG sides together (pretty side out). This fits a standard pillow, like the one shown. They may be a bit snug if your extra firm pillow is brand new however, mine are not. You could always use a store bought pillowcase you own and like size wise as a guide for fabric dimensions, just add in your seam allowances.

NOW – with your 20×36 triangle which has the pretty sides facing out, sew a scant 1/4 seam starting at the left side of the folded edge sewing down a short side, hopefully my picture here explains this better. Sew down, make a turn at the corner and sew across the long open side also. You will leave one short side open. Trim this seam allowance about in half, be careful not to nick your stitches.

Turn the case inside out now. I use a giant knitting needle to poke out the corners. you can press it now to get that seam edge nice and flat but I just use a pin to pull it out flat and then pin it. Do this down the short and across the long sewn side, still leaving one end open. Now sew again using a full 1/4 seam allowance on the pinned short end and long bottom leaving one end open. This nicely hides all the raw edges on your seams. Leave your case inside out.

You now want to press about 3/8 to a 1/2 inch of fabric along the open side of your case wrong sides together (see the picture), cat on ironing board is optional. I like my finished pillowcase to be somewhere around 30 inches in length so you will want to press your fabric over again for the hem allowance. This hem is a nice place to use decorative stitches on your machine and a pretty colored thread. My machine goes straight forward and backward and that’s it so I didn’t get fancy :0)

I hope this will be a useful starting place for making good use of pretty fabric that may be hanging around at your house.



This is just how I made these. It’s not THE only way. If you have a better way or think my way is bad, that’s fine, really, you needn’t write me about it. I’m all about reducing negativity just now :0)


I have some fabrics for pillowcases to the webshop!

5 thoughts on “make your own!

  1. This is just awesome! Thank you for the instructions. I have plenty of pretty fabric sitting there doing nothing and this is the perfect project to use some of it up! .

  2. Actually, I think your way is good! I have been wanting to make some pillowcases to fit my obviously overly puffy pillows — the pillow cases I have just dont seem to fit. I have looked at the magic pillow case pattern and have made some but I want something just really nice and easy and this is it.

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