February Stitching






I’m launching a couple of new categories at the webshop! Last month you saw my first Basket Sampler. I’m also adding a Monthly Kitted Sampler which is only available during the current month, and another category for kits of very limited quantity called Only While They Last Kits. I’m not feeling super clever, forgive me.

So…here’s what I’ve added today. I thought the verse of this sampler was a good reminder and perfect for February. Plum Street Sampler’s Love Thy Neighbor. The model is stitched on Lakeside Linen, my kit comes instead with Edinburgh linen, at a very good price. I always serge linen cuts too.

I also have 2 (yes only 2) of these Blackbird Designs Remember Me kits so they of course are listed in the Only While They Last category. This and the Handcrafts Online facebook page are the places to watch if you have an interest in future Only While They Last offerings.

All of these Sampler Links can be found here at the Webshop!

I leave with you with a pretty picture I took yesterday of our snowy scene here. About the Super Bowl, I really enjoyed the National Anthem as for the rest….the less said, the better!!


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