sending out some PIFs






About a year ago I started a PIF, I’m getting these in the mail this week but need help getting in touch with two of the recipients. If you know Kate or Susan could you ask them to email me at please!

This design and the instructions for making the strawberries is in Blackbird Designs Joyeux Noel book. I changed the threads a bit, added beads, and improvised my own berry top but they turned out pretty well I think – I hope that my stitching friends like these little gifts. I’m also sending one to Monique, Michele, and Kim. I made an extra one for me ;0)

sunshine award

I have a Sunshine award to pass on, thank you Claire, here are the rules (which I’m naughty about)

Put the logo on your blog or within your post
Pass the award to 12 bloggers
Link the nominees within your post
Let them know they received this award by commenting on their blog
Share the love and link to the person from whom you received the award

I’m passing this award to ~

Bunny Tales
My Country Cottage Garden

(breaking the rules and only linking to 5 – I’m very bad)

It’s almost time for the Online Needlework Show!! Shop with me.



feeling better

better a


better b

better e

better d

better c

Thank you again for listening and for your encouragement. The recipe for the scones can be found at the ‘food’ link on the side of my blog. I wasn’t able to eat one – I have a very sore ear from this bug and it has aggravated a sore jaw that I sometimes have trouble with. I say I’m feeling better because I’m not currently counting the minutes til I can take something for pain and slept through the night – also because I accomplished something extra that needed to be done. Ethan is not doing as well as he had been tho, and that is discouraging, this is a nasty virus.

As you can see I had a little help getting this wall quilt finished up. This was an important part of getting the ‘studio’ organized because it allows me to move my wips and finished unframed stitching from the quilt that hangs in the hall to a more appropriate place. They’ve been knocked around a bit out in the hall and it hasn’t been good for the quilt either. It looks pretty bad too as you can see.

I’ve been using Jerry’s camera lately if the pictures look different – it’s a bit too complicated for me I think and much heavier that my trusty little camera you see tucked away, I think I’ll get it back out and stick with simple.

Wishing you a beautiful day, after I get a few things I must do accomplished I might stitch a bit out in the sunshine. Speaking of sunshine…I just remembered I have another Sunshine Award to pass on – thank you Claire! I will do that with my next post.


Thanks again!!

this and this

I took some of this (I used a charm pack actually)…
not quite b

and did this….
this a

this b

this c

and ended up with this…
this d

and then I saw…..this!

I love the colors in Fresh Cottons – they are exactly what I want in my ‘studio’ how I wish I had a charm pack in my hands to sew this very minute…..I do have some ordered but I don’t want to wait…..I’ll go clean something or bake now.

Claire sweetly gave me another Sunshine award – thank you Claire!

sunshine award

I’ll pass this on to a few more blogs that I enjoy (they are many, many more) please see the rules (most of which I’m breaking) at Claire’s blog –

Fresh Figs (I really love the fabrics she designs)
Tartelette (a really beautiful food blog)
Little Red House (decorating blog, great photos)
Szentpyr (more beautiful pictures and crafts, Hungarian like me)
Aiken House & Gardens (pretty flowers, china, homes, gardens, collections, pictures…..)


PS – completely unrelated but it’s 81 degrees today, no wonder I feel so warm!

a little more sunshine


PS 146 Daffodils, lambswool linen


sunshine award

I’ve never been sure about this saying – to me lambs are soft and fluffy (like snow) and lions are strong and golden (like sunshine). So I guess you could say we had a little lamb-like weather recently and today is more like a lion. Our beautifully sunny warm weather has melted most of the snow but not to worry there is more on the way! I love the blue skies and the snowy peak I can see as I type this.

Speaking of lambs, check out the new batch at this blog! Adorable. I also baked up some cookies this blogger had posted – yum, I have butter out for another batch.

I was nicely given another Sunshine Award by Christel. So here are another few blogs that bring sunshine to my day! Please see the rules for this award at Christel’s blog (I’m being a big time rule breaker – sorry).

Farmgirl Fare (obviously since I’ve linked to it twice today)
The Scarlett House (sampler inspiration, I’m amazed at her output)
So Happy (a sweet blog by a girl Amber knew in high school youth group, we attended her wedding)
Island Sparrow (always, always inspires me)

One other note, I love the music at Kathie’s blog but also, check out Katie’s sister’s music, there is a link at her blog (So Happy).

Have a sunshiny day!


PS – here’s the post about Mandy’s music – it was sort of hard to find at the blog, sorry.

so nice



sunshine awardBeautiful_Blogger_Award

Blogging friends are really so very nice! 

This past week bloggers have been so very kind and generous to me.  I was invited by a blog friend to a wonderful lecture and lunch in Denver this past Saturday all about Schoolgirl Samplers.  The lecture was given by Amy Finkel who deals in these beautiful old samplers and has a little shop in Philadelphia.  I had a wonderful time and met some lovely ladies.  Thank you again Judy!!

I also want to thank Milly, Tracey, & Carol for these sweet awards.  I’m only semi following the rules here and passing these on to 5 bloggers (there are bunches more I would put on the list but I see that many of them have been awarded already).

  • Nancy at Lovely in Chocolate
  • Margaret at A Sampler of Stitches
  • Su at Contemplating my Needle & Thread
  • Christina at The Sometimes Crafter
  • Katrina at A Kiwi Stitching


As part of the award I’m supposed to  tell 10 things about myself , sorry but I could only come up with 5 (they are very dull anyway, 10 would have put you to sleep).

  1. I’ve been stitching for over 25 years
  2. I used to work as the food service director for a camp/conference center
  3. I have cooked for over 500 people at a time
  4. I met my husband when I was 14
  5. I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up – I homeschool


Thank you again!!!

I’ve kitted up Honeysuckle Manor to start, I think I’m going to change the linen to 35 Weeks Linen-linen, it looks much more like the linen in photo than the recommended linen (the very yellow looking linen you can see between the book and the threads).  Maybe this should be my late Spring early Summer project, I have too many things I’d like to complete before I start yet another sampler…but I may not be able to resist.


Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

rmw 310d

rmw 310e

rmw 310c

Some very un-spectacular photos for you. These were taken way out east last week. I left off getting photos for this week until this afternoon but it was so grey you couldn’t even tell we had mountains! We had a short snow shower and a damp evening. They say we should get a bit of snow overnight. As you can see there is a lack of it and even the snow on the mountains looks a bit tired.

A very, very big thank you to Milly and Tracey for nominating my blog for a prize! I’ll have to pass on the awards when I have a little more time for posting. Thank you ladies.


snow :0)

snow a

and two hours later

snow day e

snow f
I think it’s slowing down now, we are under a blizzard warning until tomorrow!

snow c

snow d

snow b

I’ve been hoping for some moisture here, but I was still surprised to wake up to this today! Isn’t it pretty? It is still coming down like mad too.

Some new things at the shop — I really want to stitch Be True in hand-dyed, not sure this is my final choice of threads but it’s getting there. I love the frame for this one too.

I also kitted up something pink (not the title of the design although CCN’s Something Pink would be wonderful on gingham linen), it should be a quick stitch, maybe I can have it done next week and hanging in this wonderful frame (Michelle from Family Tree/Crescent Colours).


Gwen honored me with this very nice award. I’m to pass it on and so today I elect the following blogs (there are so many more but this is already a long post).





A Friend to Knit With

Time for a cup a coffee and a listen to this while I watch the snow fall.


from the cupboard

ftc a

ftc b

ftc c

I was combining some bins of ‘things’ and came across these little LK Flip-it Blocks I stitched way back when. They were slightly crushed but fluffed up pretty well. It would be fun to finish up the set I think.

Some things that actually came from The Cupboard last weekend. Amber has been a great helper to me and so I took her shopping for the mixer she has wanted for ages – happily it will live at my house for now. I couldn’t resist this great basket for bread and since I was there, filling it with a few goodies.


Milly and Su have tagged me with this lovely award – thank you!! Following the guidelines I must, say what my 5 favorite things are –

1. Jerry
2. my kids
3. cross stitch
4. reading
5. the mountains

(some days #2 & #3 are interchangeable)

and now for the hard part, passing this award on to only 5 other blogs. Here are some bloggers I’ve enjoyed recently,


there are so many more but by the time you follow these 5 links, and then read and admire posts, and then follow their links, you’ll never get through my list.


Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

rmw 218a

rmw 218b

rmw 218c

rmw 218d

rmw 218e

Cool and misty in the mountains today with patches of snow. It was a much needed peaceful afternoon. The hotel in the second picture is The Stanley. The elk are looking quite shaggy. Yes, I did take a picture while driving on snowy mountain roads – I’m pretty sure Jerry won’t read this…maybe.

I see that Milly & Su have both tagged me, I’ll be including that in my next post – thank you ladies!