some Christmas history

1941 f

1941 a

I managed another Christmas finish. This is from the Blackbird Designs book Joyeux Noel. I stitched this on 30ct parchment Weeks linen using GAST Claret. The trim is made from the strip that the tassels were attached to that I used on Old Saint Nick (recent post).

Now for some history…..I chose the year 1941 for this piece because that is the year both my parents were born. I imagine Christmas of 1941 was an uncertain time for many. My dad’s parents were celebrating their 1st Christmas with a baby in the house – my dad.   His parents had two more sons but no little girls.

1941 d

Here’s my dad (the tall boy) and his two younger brothers.   I was the first grandchild, and I’m told my grandpa was very happy to have a granddaughter, here are my dad’s parents around 1955.

1941 b

Sadly, I don’t remember my grandpa at all.  He died a week before my first Christmas, December 18, of a heart attack.  He was in his 40s. 

1941 e

I think it’s very special that his first great-grandchild, my daughter Amber, was born 21 years later on December 18.  Above is a photo of Amber and my dad, Christmas 1986. 

1941 c

Me and Santa, many, many (many) years ago!!


(iced) Coffee & a Blog

caab a

cooa c

cooa b

caab d

The tiny bit of energy I’ve had this week hasn’t been used for stitching so I’ve not much to show, a perfect excuse for a Coffee & a Blog post….sit back and enjoy this lovely blog and do get a nice cool drink before you do.

I have to admit that my garden is looking pretty shabby and I’m a little sore about growing things at the moment. Jerry sent Kellen out to take care of some ‘weeds’ this afternoon and as I was sitting at my desk there was this amazing scent of lavender coming in my office window….As my mind caught up with what I was smelling I realized what was happening to my precious few lavender plants…Jerry admits that he may have been a bit ‘vague’ about what weeds he wanted Kellen to take care of…

Do you see my neighbor’s lavender taunting me just over the fence? I did manage to stop him before too much damage was done but I’m a long way from having a respectable lavender patch and this bit of pruning wasn’t helpful.


coffee & a blog




Today we visit one of my top favorites – Fresh Figs . I’m always inspired by this blog.  Joanna’s fabrics and patterns are wonderful and I look forward to every new post here.  She has a new line of fabrics that will be in shops around September called Mill House Inn – yummy!!

Nothing says love like an external hard drive! Jerry brought home this little cutie for me yesterday.   You can see another little passion of mine here – pincushions, and by the way Fig Tree has a wonderful pincushion pattern called Petite Gateau and I have one at my Etsy shop. 

I couldn’t help noticing that my laptop and new hard drive went very well with NPI 342 & 926 which happened to be on my worktable!  I think it’s a stitcher thing to always see shades of color in terms of thread….do you know what I mean?

Have a great day!


coffee & a blog

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caab b

ethans snaps

Margaret keeps a wonderful blog. She lives in Spain and does beautiful stitching and sewing. I love the photos of where she lives also. Enjoy!

I was home from the airport by 7:45 this morning, Jerry was home for 2 days and flew out really early today. Made a little stop at Krispy Kreme that will please the kids when they get up. Jerry and I enjoyed shopping for a new dryer yesterday – by the time it’s delivered Wednesday the laundry heap should be about neck high I think!

I just caught Ethan snapping away with my camera so I’ll share a few of his photos including the disaster in the living room!


coffee & a blog (& crafts – various)





(I’m reminded of Mr. Venus {Our Mutual Friend – Dickens})

A blog I’ve enjoyed for a long time is A Sparrow’s Home. The keeper of this blog is a pastor’s wife, a mom, a librarian, and she lives on Prince Edward Island, a place I long to visit. This is a lovely blog to enjoy with a cup of coffee on a quiet morning.

You can see our leaf garland at the window. I used strips of raffia palm and just tied it together. I think it is high enough to keep the cats at bay. We shall see.

My other project – Tea Thyme in the Garden by PrimitiveBetty’s (32 Chantilly CF linen and a fiber I don’t know the name of – I’ll look it up if I have a chance). I’m planning to make a door knob pillow for the back door – I think.

My tiny bit of progress on my wool scarf. I’ve made a little error that I’m not going back to fix. I really have to focus when I’m knitting this – not easily done when there is always so much going on here.


coffee & a blog

coffe blog a

coffe blog e

coffe blog c

coffee blog f

I love to spend a quiet hour with cup of coffe and a great blog. Angela from one of my stitching groups shared a link to Nostalgia at the Stone House. Just right for my first Coffee & a Blog post. I hope to make this a regular feature of my blog that you will see now and then.

I did finish sewing up my squares from the ten exchanges I’ve been part of at Fair & Square. I decided the tassels were too fussy so I went with a simple bead detail instead. I’m going to need a bigger basket!

I hope you find a moment to snuggle up and do what you enjoy most today!