Bunny Basket Sampler


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I have a new Basket Sampler offering and a few more of an old one. This little cutie is from Homespun Elegance. I have kits for this at the webshop, they include design, linen, thread pack (including some fuzzy alpaca for the tail), pretty fabric for the back, fluffy trim, and hand-dyed perle for the bow.

I’ve added a few new bunnies to my decor, there was a great sale on Easter things last week and I was happy to add two new bunnies to my collection at such a savings, I’m also stitching another little bunny freebie that I’ll tell you all about soon. I’m thinking of making up some kits for that as well.

Also, due to popular demand, I am able to offer 3 more Tall Sheep Basket Sampler kits! I still have 6 Sampler of the Month Kits – A Prairie Girl’s Sampler available and over at the Only While They Last page I have a couple of reduced offerings… 1 Love Thy Neighbor design w/threads available, and a few February Calender Girls, I’ve reduced these to help them find a happy home!

I’m spending my days in the sewing room, it’s taken some time to get back up to speed with Impie, Hattie & Bea sewing I’m embarrassed to say, but it feels good to be productive in the sewing room again. I still squeeze in a bit of knitting in the car and once it’s too late for stitching for these tired old eyes.


odds & ends







Some ‘sunshine’ on my kitchen counter, I treated myself to a bundle of sunny washcloths and received a little gift from someone sweet. I’ve been doing a teeny bit of knitting and stitching. I love the Gansey Scarf pattern in my knitting birthday book and the colors of this sampler I’ll tell you more about another time.

I added my terrarium presents and love how they look, I need better plants now I think! Any suggestions?

Webshop update –



The last Love Thy Neighbor Kit has been sold but I’m still offering the design with threads at a very good price and be sure to see the Newest Prairie Schoolers and the ones on sale to go with them them!

Coming Soon ~ ~ Another sweet Basket Sampler!!


from the mall

at the mall c

at the mall a

at the mall b

A new project. Wonderful Life Pillow from The Sampler Girl. I’m thinking of spending January stitching wintry things, I’m already off to a good start!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned how much I don’t like to go shopping (like at the mall shopping). Well there are 2 things I will go to the mall for (I hadn’t been there in almost 7 months before today). I love the sale at Bath and Body Works, little bottles of great smells, perfect to put in my new purse (a Christmas gift). The other sale that I can’t resist is the odds and ends of china that Dillard’s marks down at the end of the year. I purchased some Fiesta salad plates in ivory and peacock (I think these are the color names) which I did not have in my collection and a sweet little Christmas plate.

Clearance sale continues at the webshop and don’t forget to leave a comment at last week’s Rocky Mountain Wednesday post to be entered in this week’s drawing.


PS – I’ve added the spicy shrimp recipe to my recipe page here at the blog (see the tabs at the top).

PPS – Our weather advisory through tomorrow 11am :   High Winds

“People in the warning area should be prepared for wind gusts as
high as 90 mph overnight. Secure loose objects and be prepared for
possible power outages.”