February Stitching






I’m launching a couple of new categories at the webshop! Last month you saw my first Basket Sampler. I’m also adding a Monthly Kitted Sampler which is only available during the current month, and another category for kits of very limited quantity called Only While They Last Kits. I’m not feeling super clever, forgive me.

So…here’s what I’ve added today. I thought the verse of this sampler was a good reminder and perfect for February. Plum Street Sampler’s Love Thy Neighbor. The model is stitched on Lakeside Linen, my kit comes instead with Edinburgh linen, at a very good price. I always serge linen cuts too.

I also have 2 (yes only 2) of these Blackbird Designs Remember Me kits so they of course are listed in the Only While They Last category. This and the Handcrafts Online facebook page are the places to watch if you have an interest in future Only While They Last offerings.

All of these Sampler Links can be found here at the Webshop!

I leave with you with a pretty picture I took yesterday of our snowy scene here. About the Super Bowl, I really enjoyed the National Anthem as for the rest….the less said, the better!!


Basket Sampler #1






Stitch this in time for your Valentine! I’ve created a new category at the webshop for kitted Basket Samplers. Everything you need to make a special keepsake for yourself or to give away. The kits make a nice gift for a stitching friend as well. I’d be happy to gift wrap and ship right to a friend for you!

This kit includes the design, linen (Belfast), hand-dyed thread bundle, fabric for the back of your keepsake and a pretty bit of ribbon. I’ve included an image to show you the thread left over after I stitched a sample using a kit. I crossed each stitch as I stitched and used 2 strands of floss.

I’m in the process of changing things around a bit at the webshop and the products I offer so I hope you pop over soon and have a look.

Watch for more Basket Samplers and beginning in February a full size kitted Sampler will be featured each month.

Happy Stitching!!


Christmas make & bake







Another little stitched addition for the tree, which I have just begun to decorate. This one is from the newest JCS ornament issue. Of course there are oodles of ornaments in there that I’d love to see on the tree but I chose this one for what I thought would be a quick project and if I could count properly it would have been. I added some sparkly bits as you can see.

The cookies are a new recipe to me. Brown Sugar Cookies from this WS book. It’s just possible the recipe may be missing a few ingredients but I went ahead anyway. They don’t look like the photo (at all) but they are pretty yummy and extremely rich. You can also find this recipe at the WS website where others express their concern about missing ingredients, some of them are pretty grumpy about it!

We have 2 birthdays to celebrate this week so more baking is planned, not sure if I have time for more making however!


PS – my ornament was stitched with random red and green threads I found in my left overs box

Christmas make & bake 1






A little Christmas crafting & cooking. I did the actual stitching of this ornament quite some time ago but just got around to finishing it for the tree in recent days. It’s from Midnight Stitching’s Quaker Inspirations. I’m afraid I don’t know the name of the thread I used, it was something from my left overs box. I think it will be a nice addition to this year’s tree, that is when I get this year’s tree up and decorated…it’s on this week’s list!

A Christmas baking favorite here – super yummy and easy as can be Old World Raspberry Bars! I love one of these with a cup of coffee.

Just for fun here’s a bunny or more like an old man rabbit that was hopping around my yard, I wonder if he was one of my Summer visitors?


it’s Cyber Monday!


Are you shopping? I’m having a sale. Here’s another treat from Cyberland, a free design from Little House Needleworks!

Happy Shopping!


I stitched this on 32 lambswool using the following threads –

Classic Colorworks (formerly Crescent Colours)

Brandied Pears (nose)
Barn Door


Tarnished Gold
Piney Woods

What did happen in 1843?








I have a little bit of stitching to share. It’s becoming a rare thing around here. I did almost all of this during the 4 days we spent in Avon in October. I added a few stitches this morning while we watched the launch of the Maven Probe on it’s way to Mars.

I like to have some significance to the ‘year’ I stitch on things, I often change the year to something from my own family history. I just followed the pattern on this one but wondered, why 1843?

Here are a few things that happened that year…

Mount Rainier erupted

An alligator fell from the sky during a storm in South Carolina

Charles Dickens published A Christmas Carol in England

Here’s a little more useful info – you can find this design at the webshop. I’m stitching this on 35 count lambswool linen using DMC threads. I plan to make a small pillow possibly using the zig-zag fabric I recently purchased for throw pillows.


Woodland Sampling Workbook






New from Impie, Hattie & Bea!

Now at the website and part of the Flood Relief Fundraiser going on through October 31st. I can’t get my pictures to upload there at the moment (we just switched to a new web host) but you can see the details here at the blog.

These will be available for shops in the near future. I’m a very busy bee in the sewing room and a bit under the weather so your patience is appreciated!


PS – for a limited time, Woodland Sampling Workbooks purchased through the webshop will include the Floss-Away bag.

odds and ends









A few tiny projects around the house. I’ve been on the look out for a set of these Jane Austen Royal Mail stamps. I found a set on eBay (there are lots of them on there) and set about making a little framed keepsake. I picked up a sheet of scrapbook paper and frame at Hobby Lobby. you can stick these to the paper like a regular stamp or use little hinges (tiny scraps of gummed paper) to stick them on the background. I put them in the frame in order of my favorite novels but these are my two favorite stamps.

I have oodles of knitted dish cloths but I was missing one color! I finally rounded up some really nice blue cotton. I’ve tried to find more of this (it’s less than $2 a skein which is part of what I love about it) but no luck. It’s called Filati Fantasia Carezza and knits up really nice. I used this pattern on size 8s and increased to 44 stitches before decreasing.

The Sampler Girl was clearing out some personal stash and I couldn’t resist this stitched model – the design is from her French Folio which I think is only available til the end of the month. I laced it into a thrift shop frame I’ve had since Michigan, such a sweet new sampler for my wall!


PS – all my dish cloths in one place…


Fall Makeover & a Pillow







Although we are still setting high temp records for August here (enough already) I’ve started to turn my thoughts towards Autumn. I have had this combination in my mind for a long time. Impie, Hattie & Bea’s Thread Armoire and Country Cottage Needleworks Harvest Blessing design. Actually I’ve wanted to do something for Harvest Blessings but it always resulted in something very like the Thread Armoire in both color and design so I thought — Why Not?

I’ve added this combo to the webshop. The other Autumn stitching you see in the background is Little House Needleworks Pumpkins 4 Sale and their own little IH&B companion. You can see more here and they are also at the webshop.

I finished up my JBW Queen Bee pillow. It sort of has an Autumn feel too, especially when it’s with these other pieces. I added some ribbon loop trim to the sides to give it something extra. Don’t look too critically at the ribbon close up – that’s where I sewed the pillow closed after stuffing ;0)

I shared on the Impie, Hattie & Bea facebook page that I’ve recently ordered 6 new fabrics for products coming out in the near future – stop by and follow us there to keep up to date!


update & winner!







Sorry to be so late with this post, the little wireless device I use to connect to our internet quit working, Tyler fixed me up with another gadget so I’m back!

I finished up my brown projects!

Stitching – this is JBW’s The Queen Bee. I stitched this on Antique Ivory Cashel in DMC 3031, I left off stitching the bow as I plan to attach a bit of ribbon when I make a little pillow. I think this little design is adorable. I will blog my little pillow finish sometime this week, I’ve only begun to look through my fabric for finishing.

Knitting – I finished up this little cowl. It’s a simple pattern and uses less than a small skein of wool. Here is the pattern and this is the yarn I used (cork). It won’t be too long before this will be just the thing for my morning walks.

Sprouts – they grew, they’re yummy!

The Winner–

Linda in VA, you name was drawn. Please email me your shipping info and I’ll pop your markers in the mail.

Thank you to all who entered and for your sweet comments.