Running Low…







Here’s my progress on this month’s Sampler of the Month offering through my webshop please click the link for design details, thanks. At this moment there are only 2 kits left…

LOTS of Prairie Schoolers went out last week, I’m expecting a new shipment daily as orders continue to come in regularly for these…I do ship these in a cardboard mailer! Also, I’ve added some previous PS designs to the Prairie Schooler page at a really great price!

Back to where we left off for Heart Week…

The last little heart I showed you was for this Sampler Girl design, see her her Etsy shop for details! I baked some Valentine cupcakes and enjoyed this completely frivolous DVD (it has some charming bits but I did like the book better) over the weekend. I’m in the midst of and epic head cold at the moment and I think I’m running low on tissues!

Sniff, Sniff :0/

making plans & cupcakes







I baked up some chocolate cupcakes for Jerry’s birthday. Ethan gave him Monsters University on DVD as a gift so I used that as my inspiration. I think I got the colors right, my fingers are still blue and purple, I just couldn’t quite manage Mike Wazowski’s texture.

I found a pretty pumpkin for a great price to be our Thanksgiving centerpiece. I’m thinking of finishing off some of these hexie pieces (made two Summers ago) into a table runner. I haven’t quite worked that out yet but I have them on the table waiting for inspiration.

Thanksgiving will be small and simple at our house this year. The turkey is thawing and I think I have the sides planned and all the ingredients on hand. I’m doing all the cooking myself for a rare change and looking forward to it – really.

I hope your week is starting off well!


PS – I have Christmas decorating plans brewing on the back burner! Too much time on Pinterest this weekend I think…here is my Holiday Board. Between now and Christmas I also have 2 more batches of birthday cupcakes to create, good thing I have a Cupcake Board as well!