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I had thought about posting some photos of damage from the newly open areas here, it still amazes me what damage water can do. I’ve decided against that since things are really improving and there has been more than enough damage on the airwaves with typhoons and tornadoes lately. There always seems to be a need for help from weather emergencies. Both of the recent storms in the news have left terrible damage and make me wish I could do more!

I want to thank you all again, REALLY! With your purchases we’re able to help a local charity for women, a local small business that has just reopened and an individual I was told of who lost every thing in her craft room. This was in the form of an anonymous gift card – for the local small business. And finally the local animal shelter who is still caring for displaced pets and monitoring temporary foster homes for pets. I found out that more pets than people were actually rescued during the flood and there was a ‘no pet left behind’ policy practiced by all the agencies involved in rescues.

I hope you enjoy these photos I was able to take because a major road that was washed away creating a 140 mile detour, is now able to be used again. There are still several detours necessary for getting to the places we go but it is really getting so much easier to get around.

Happy Wednesday!!

5 days & cheesecake








I’ve spent a marathon week (sunrise to sunset) in the sewing room. I have made really good progress despite every bit of technology I own turning against me and the best efforts of two boys to sabotage my careful plans.

All individual Impie, Hattie & Bea orders (except 1) have been shipped and my Hoffman shipment, about 50 more hand-made items, is coming along nicely. I’ve shared a picture of yesterday’s view near the post office.

I did a bit of late night knitting, only a small portion has had to be pulled out because I was half-asleep… and I made a cheesecake and served it two ways. The recipe is on my food page.

I have updates for the fundraiser which I would have shared this past week during my Rocky Mountain Wednesday post but since that never happened…I’ll save it for next Wednesday.

Have a good weekend, I’m heading back to the sewing room.


Rocky Mountain Wednesday & Fundraiser Total!







A very big thank you to all who purchased Impie, Hattie & Bea products during the fundraiser I’ve been sponsoring at the webshop this past month. With your purchases, some direct gifts, and a few extra dollars I’ve added from time to time, we have raised $470.00 for flood relief. I’ll report next week about the recipients, I hope you are as excited as I am to be able to do this. Thank you again for your support.

Now for the pictures here. These again are from our recent short stay in Avon, Co. While there we drove up to Leadville which I’ve wanted to see since we moved to Colorado almost 18 years ago. It was mildly interesting and quite a scenic drive. We had a fancy lunch there – I ran into the grocery store and grabbed some buns, deli meat & cheese and some chips. The weather was beautiful and the combination of amazing Autumn and Winter scenes was wonderful. We drove across this bridge which I was not able to photograph successfully.

Ethan’s ankle is healing nicely, he tries to do too much with it and it flares up. I’m still having good days and bad days with this darn Autumn cough/bronchitis that hits me annually. Jerry has started a big, out of town project which is not in nearly such a nice or scenic locale and we miss him.

All fundraiser orders should be shipped by the end of the week and I’ll be getting shipments of the newest things ready for Hoffmans. I’ve also got a new model in the works.

Happy Wednesday!








There were 6 balloons in the sky on the way to church this past Sunday :0)

It’s hard to believe that much of 2013 has already passed. We celebrate our 29th anniversary this month and Jerry has a birthday. I’m already looking forward to Thanksgiving and it’s time to finalize Christmas gift ideas.

I will give you a final report on the Flood Relief Fundraiser in my next Rocky Mountain Wednesday post. Together we’ve raised well over $300. I can’t total it up just yet there are still some donations enroute at this point. I thank you so very much. I have a few creative ideas for what we’ve raised, I’ll be keeping you updated on that as well.

You may have noticed that there was no Rocky Mountain Wednesday post this week. I’ve been extrememely busy in the work room as you can guess. I am starting to feel a bit better, I don’t have to take my cough medicine round the clock anymore – thankfully. Ethan took a pretty bad tumble on Wednesday while we were out shopping. He has a badly sprained ankle which I thought must have been broken at the time. Thankfully I had Tyler and Kellen with me. Tyler was able to carry him to the car and Kellen had just bought himself a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream which the boys immediately thought to apply to the injury – as an ice pack although eating might have been beneficial to my nerves. Ethan is in very good spirits about the whole thing.

I have some knitted gifts underway for the holidays, I won’t be sharing many photos of those til January but here are a pair of mitts I knitted for myself early in October and which I may or may not be knitting more of for gifting… I used this pattern and this yarn. I’ve already gotten quite a bit of use from these especially when we were in Avon recently.

Yzma says, Happy November!

PS – I don’t know if you have to be logged into Ravelry for the pattern link to work….someone let me know if you have a chance please – thanks!

Woodland Sampling Workbook






New from Impie, Hattie & Bea!

Now at the website and part of the Flood Relief Fundraiser going on through October 31st. I can’t get my pictures to upload there at the moment (we just switched to a new web host) but you can see the details here at the blog.

These will be available for shops in the near future. I’m a very busy bee in the sewing room and a bit under the weather so your patience is appreciated!


PS – for a limited time, Woodland Sampling Workbooks purchased through the webshop will include the Floss-Away bag.

Rocky Mountain Wednesdays








Jerry often works out of town and it only very rarely works out for me to go along, so when I had the chance this past weekend I took it. We left here on Saturday morning and this a little visual diary of the early part of our road trip. We were home by Tuesday afternoon but I took nearly 700 photos while we were out and about. In reality the scenery is even more beautiful than this, remember I was zipping down the highway at about 70 mph while taking these pictures – Jerry drove.

More to come!

We are in the last week of the Colorado Flood Relief Fundraiser going on at the webshop!

I will be debuting one more new item during the fundraiser at the end of this week!

Amount raised so far from your orders plus a little …. $221!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Autumn Hoop Keep!





Something new from Impie, Hattie & Bea!

**Note to shops – this will be available to shops in the future. At this time this item is being released as part of the Colorado Flood Relief fundraiser. Follow Impie, Hattie & Bea at facebook to receive our product release updates.**

Remind me not to make promises about Monday in future. All the powers seemed to be against me today, ‘Powers’= two ornery homeschooled boys and several mishaps.

But, at the last minute I’m here to share the Autumn Hoop Keep~

Similar to the previous hoop keeps except this one has a cozy Autumn feel and is designed to coordinate with Little House Needleworks Starlight Sampler. It holds an 8″ hoop and is handy for little kitted up projects as well. This is only available through the fundraising pages at the webshop it at this time.

The design is stitched on 32 lambswool linen and uses all DMC threads. The adorable Just Pins set is available as well.


Thank you to all that have helped out at our fundraiser so far, it is truly appreciated!

free cards

While supplies last….and I have oodles….I’ll send along a set of these PS mini cards with every order :0)

Rocky Mountain Wednesdays






Just running a bit behind but I hope you will allow Rocky Mountain Wednesdays to appear on Thursday this week.

Yesterday just got busy with normal things along with Amber asking if I wanted to run to the yarn shop which turned into a stop at Michael’s as well, where she scooped up lots of Halloween decorations, I added a few things to my Autumn decor since I was there.

Later in the day, Tyler called to see if I wanted to go grocery shopping with him and we were nicely surprised when Jerry joined us there on his way home. I love days when I get to spend time with all 4 of my children, it’s a rare treat since my oldest two have their own homes. I’m glad we all live close enough for spur of the moment get-togethers.

Here are some photos with a real Autumn feel from the last day or two. Once I feel happy with my little bit of Autumn decorating I might add a picture to a future post.

Happy October!


Don’t forget about the Colorado Flood Relief Fundraiser going on at the webshop!

Amount raised so far – $40 to which I’m adding another $10 so we are up to $50 raised. Also, my local yarn shop is gathering (nice) things to give to knitters who lost their precious yarn and supplies in the flood. There was a lady at the shop yesterday who said her kitchen has mud up to the ceiling. We have whole areas very near us that are uninhabitable still. If you would like to donate something to the stash replacement drive at the yarn shop you should contact the shop for details .

Rocky Mountain Wednesdays – Colorado Flood Releif






Happy Wednesday!

Flood cleanup continues. We’ve had the first significant snow on the peaks and I’m raising funds for flood relief!

We’ll start with something scenic. I took this photo yesterday, this snow has mostly melted now but you can see that winter is just around the corner. Not good news for flood cleanup and reconstruction. Roads are in a shocking state and some are gone completely. The second photo shows one of the last routes open to our doctor’s office….this road closes during the winter. The third picture is actually taken in the same location that I took the first, just looking in another direction. That is the bridge I used to cross when I went grocery shopping. All of our favorite walking paths are washed away and people are literally camping in the parks here. I’m still in awe of the destructive power of a serious flood.

I’ve been trying to think of a way I can do more to help those who lost so much and decided that I would ask you to join me stitching friends. If you’ve been thinking of purchasing an Impie, Hattie & Bea item, please consider doing so during my fundraiser. I’m donating a significant portion from every Impie, Hattie & Bea item sold through the Handcrafts Online website to recovery efforts. IH&B items purchased at other locations will not benefit this effort but I thank you very much all the same for your support. More details can be found at the IH&B HOL webpage. Also I am releasing something new during the fundraiser (watch for further updates), I’ve posted a ‘sneak peek’ here. Think Autumn! I’ll keep you posted on the amount we raise and where it’s being put to good work.

I’ll leave you with a very pumpkin filled picture I took at the market this morning!











The flood has been pretty awful. We’ve seen lots of sad and some horrible things. Yesterday I was able to be with all four of my children at the same time (2 of them have their own places across town) and that made me quite emotional for the rest of the day. Jerry was able to get back for 2 days which was very good. I’m really missing him.

Today I’m concentrating on bright and cheerful things so here are a few pictures I’ve taken at home since the worst of the flood.

I’m thankful my family is safe and that our neighborhood (unlike those just down the road) was spared damage. Pray with me for those who can’t say the same.