This post is really about the weekend but since most of the pictures have some yarn in them….

Weekends have a whole new and wonderful feel now that Jerry is not out of town all week long. I’m happy to say he is currently on a big project in Boulder. Instead of frantically trying to squeeze everything into a few days of having him home, we can actually relax a bit and really enjoy the weekend. The weather helped that quite a bit as we had two beautiful days here. Now on to the pictures….

I did knit a teeny bit this weekend, two projects I have going are Cerus [a scarf done in linen stitch lengthwise, I’m using Malabrigo Rastita yarn in Piedras] and Gansey Scarf [I’m using MountainTop Canyon yarn in Mesquite] they are both coming along nicely. You can find more info about these at my Ravelry project page.

We headed out for what would have been a short drive if not for a mountainside traffic jam yesterday that added an hour to our drive home covering a 2 mile stretch through some of the most damaged roads from the flood. Earlier on our way out we passed this pretty tree.

Back at home Jane says hello and my chives are sprouting on the back porch!


PS I’ll be back with a new Basket Sampler that’s perfect for Spring/Easter and a few more kits for a previous offering. Happy Monday!

A new month!






This means new things at the webshop, I’ll be back with that news on Tuesday!

My sister-in-law came for a visit this weekend. The first time we’ve seen each other in almost 2 years. This is who we lived with for a year in Michigan so it’s really been way too long since we’ve spent time together.

The visit was WAY too short but we had a very nice time. I knitted her a scarf (Zig and Zag Lace Scarf from KnottygalDesigns in Silkpaca from Malabrigo) and we did some shopping with Amber. I brought home some pretty dish cloths and yarn – of course. Lots of family time all weekend really. I hope she enjoyed it as much as I did. One night we made a big batch of Sesame Chicken together, here’s the recipe.

Here’s a sneak peak at March’s Sampler of the Month!


PS – Tall Sheep Basket Samplers have sold out! (THANK YOU) I still have 1 Love Thy Neighbor design with threads available :0)

odds & ends







Some ‘sunshine’ on my kitchen counter, I treated myself to a bundle of sunny washcloths and received a little gift from someone sweet. I’ve been doing a teeny bit of knitting and stitching. I love the Gansey Scarf pattern in my knitting birthday book and the colors of this sampler I’ll tell you more about another time.

I added my terrarium presents and love how they look, I need better plants now I think! Any suggestions?

Webshop update –



The last Love Thy Neighbor Kit has been sold but I’m still offering the design with threads at a very good price and be sure to see the Newest Prairie Schoolers and the ones on sale to go with them them!

Coming Soon ~ ~ Another sweet Basket Sampler!!


Heart Week








Getting ready for Valentine’s Day, I thought I would make a week of it!

I made some special cookies (graham crackers, dipped in melted chocolate chips & sprinkled) and almost have enough hearts for a banner! I’ve also noticed how many of samplers on my sitting room sampler wall include a heart – but more of that tomorrow.

Here’s the pattern for knitting these sweet wool hearts

Wishing you a week filled with love!


birthday fun








Yesterday was my birthday. A big one! We had a very nice family party, Amber did all the baking & cooking. I spent a good part of my day doing extra special things like cleaning! Doesn’t the kitchen look shiny? I’ll spare you the master bathroom but it’s shiny too.

I was spoiled with all manner of good things! Naturally there was cake, German Chocolate and very fancy, she also made this. Tyler gifted me a Craftsy class I’ve had my eye on. Amber & Evan gave me some fun things for my terrarium and Kellen & Ethan have added considerably to my knitting fun and comfort with a book I’ve wanted and a nice ottoman for the living room. Jerry is home for the weekend which is probably my favorite thing!

Looking forward to the ‘BIG GAME’ this weekend (the ottoman will come in handy,) just in case you don’t know who we’re rooting for, here’s Kellen with a hint….

Now I should go clean my sewing room (with its very snowy view) some more.


PS – just saw my neighbor ski by out the sewing room window :0)


warm hands



This is a bit of a Post-Christmas make and bake.

I made some mitts for my sister and sister-in-law, a scarf for Tyler’s birthday (warm neck in this case) and a pair of mittens for myself. I even knitted a pair of mittens for a child in Afghanistan.

The treats are pretty self-explanitory. Ethan’s favorite warm drink at the moment is warm milk with all the fixings….

for my sister, Felicity Mitts, size small, Palette Yarn, Bluebell

for Tyler, Rasta Rib Scarf, Malabrigo Rasta Yarn, Zarzamora

for my sister-in-law, Snowfall Mitts, Stroll Tweed Sock Yarn, Garnet Heater

for a child in Afghanistan, Basic Pattern for Children’s Mittens with 4 Needles, size small, Lamb’s Pride Worsted, Roasted Coffee

for me, same pattern as above, size medium, Malabrigo Worsted, Geranio. I used my leftover yarn to make hearts for a Valentine’s garland. The heart pattern is here.

If you would like to knit wool, socks, hats, or mittens for Afghanistan they are accepting donations through the end of January 2014. Be sure to email them when you send your package and they will let you know when they receive it, donations are shipped to California for collection. You can read the guidelines here.


Christmas make & bake (in progress)






There’s a whole bunch of baking and making going on here today so I will be adding to this post. Jerry is home and using up his left-over vacations days for the rest of 2013 — Hooray! He’s off to do the Christmas shopping – don’t feel bad for him, he relishes the last minute madness and I must admit the stories he brings home are very good.

I started this star garland way back in October. I actually have about 5 knitted in various colors but only have this one in ‘finished’ condition. I’ve put off the garland til next year. Here is the pattern, I used up some fancy scraps of yarn, this one is cashmere.

I did a test bake of some dough for cinnamon rolls and similar yummy things. It turned out very well, for my test batch I baked up a large tea ring. I have another batch resting on my stove, I plan to use this dough for Christmas morning cinnamon rolls.

More later….


A Christmas treat I first tasted in Michigan (need to remember this doesn’t HAVE to be just for Christmas) – Baked Brie with Mushrooms, Almonds, and tarragon leaves. Here’s how I made this –

slice and saute mushroom in a little butter, when they are nearly done add some sliced almonds, cook til almonds are toasted and shake on lots (lots) of dried tarragon leaves. Unwrap a Brie cheese, I leave on the rind just pull off the paper/foil wrapper. Place it in an oven safe dish and pile the mushroom mixture on top. Bake at 350 til cheese is jiggly on the inside of the rind, 15-20 minutes, don’t over cook it. Remove from oven, slice open the rind and enjoy on crackers or toasted bread. Y U M!

Christmas make & bake








We’ve celebrated two birthdays here in the past 3 days so it was a good excuse to make more cupcakes. This is a Duncan Hines Red Velvet Mix with Wilton Buttercream, the decoration inspiration comes from Pinterest.

I have a tea ring in the oven at the moment, trying out a dough recipe for Christmas cinnamon rolls.

I’m also finishing up a pair of red Christmas mittens.


Happy Christmas to you!

blocked & baked






I finished up my green mittens and gave them a nice blocking. I also baked some yummy molasses cookies. Winter weather is on the way! Jane is here because she ‘helped’ with the mitten blocking, and Ethan because he helped take mitten pictures while I was wearing them.

Happy Tuesday!


PS – you can see how sunny and warm the weather was yesterday in Ethan’s picture, it looks a bit different today.


PPS – thank you for your Cyber Monday Orders!! They are all being shipped today, just ahead of the snow storm :0)

PPPS – the cookie recipe is on my food page (tab at the top here) and the mitten pattern/yarn info is here .

the chartreuse mitten






It snowed so that I could show this off!

I used this yarn – 2 balls is more than enough for a pair of these mittens, and this pattern, size small – with a shorter cuff (much shorter)…Knit or read, knit or read? I’d better knit if I hope to have a pair of chartreuse mittens.