a Friday finish!




Just finished!! Another sampler for my growing collection of Austen finishes. You can see more of them here. I polished off these cookies in the process and enjoyed Lost in Austen on DVD. I’m undecided regarding a framed or pillow finish on this one.

My order from the Fat Quarter Shop arrived. I plan to whip up this little quilt in my ‘free time’. Love these soft fabric colors, some of which are used on the new release from Impie, Hattie, & Bea. This is the Rose Thread Pouch (that’s the Rose Sampler from Little House Needleworks I stitched up earlier this week). Feel free to email me about putting your name on the list for these – they are limited in number.

rose sampler thread pouch


quilt shopping

mpq d

mpq c


mpq b

My day started out with a bump but we have moved on…

I’ve wanted to show you these pictures of one of my favorite quilt shops Mountain Prairie Quilts  for a while now. The ladies here are very sweet (sisters) I love how it feels in this shop. They often have little hand made items at ridiculously low prices made by an older sister who can’t quilt anymore – I can never resist these. The fabric for the Support Pinkeep came from this shop.

I took these more than a month ago but realized I didn’t have my memory card in my camera so they were stuck on the internal memory til I found the cord (which was in the camera bag and I swear I looked in that bag 7 times before I saw it there). Ethan was searching for the shop cat, a giant black kitty who wisely hides when we come in the door.

Here is a kit that I recently couldn’t resist while visiting this sweet shop.

mpq e

And speaking of sweet, some further stress relief and a lovely award…



Laura J. Perin gave me quite an honor when she nominated my blog for this award. Thank you Laura!! Since this is a quilty post, I’d like to nominate the following wonderful blogs–

Leanne’s House
Fresh Figs


Colorado lavender

fl c

fl a

fl b

I was hoping to make up a lavender sachet with this little finish of The Sampler Girl’s French Lavender Pocket design – but my lavender isn’t dry enough yet. According the the September issue of Country Living that just arrived, this really is a French Lavender, locally grown (in my yard).

I used strips from a Portugal Jelly Roll to zip up this quilt top which Yzma is testing for comfort. I love the colors which remind me of the linens I’ve been admiring at Williams Sonoma for ages. It took no time at all to put this together, just need to quilt it up now. I have these and other Jelly Rolls at my etsy shop.

Don’t forget to comment at the ‘Pig’ post for the giveaway and watch for a link to my semi annual fabric sale later today (reduced shipping too!)



squares 2

squares 4

square 6

squares 5


These wonderful squares arrived from Lei. She is my partner for Round #8 at the Fair & Square exchange. Thank you Lei! I need to get back to my friendship square project – maybe this week.

I’ve been using up some of my charm pack stash while trying out the new machine. I’m really happy with it. None of these projects have been ironed – it’s too darned hot! It says 100 degrees today – I believe it.

I took this last photo yesterday evening. Can you make out the rainbow coming down the center of the photo? It keeps looking like it might rain but it’s just virga.


news 007

news 011

news 013

news 019

news 017

news 023

Thank you so much for your lovely comments about my recent Rocky Mountain Wednesdays posts. I had no idea they would be enjoyed so much – I thought they might seem boring. I’m so glad to be wrong.

New things in stock – (webshop will be updated shortly)

Needlework Shop from Country Cottage Needleworks (I carry the frame for this too!)

Cake – the final Sweet Treats thread pack from Country Cottage & Crescent Colours (I’ve been waiting for this one to finish the set!)

Little Women Reading thread pack from Little House Needleworks and Crescent Colours (I’m thinking about stitching this one on some Lavender Mist Belfast)

Emily Dickinson Sampler from the Sampler Girl – darling!

Also new –

My sewing machine – I now know why some people love fast and powerful cars – feel the power!!

I’m branching out a bit into quilting products – they will be part of my new website (yes I’m still working on that monster). For now I’ve put some things up at my Etsy shop, love these jelly rolls, and there is a great Quilt of the Month pattern listed to go with these.


pretty & progress





These beautiful squares arrived today from Sandra! They are so sweet. I love the way she sewed them into gift-wrap packages. Thank you Sandra for these beautiful squares! My stitching has been for Sandra, so nothing to share here yet.

Earlier today I picked up some more pretty fabric – I love these soft rose prints. I have been to 7 quilt shops in the past 4 days, I did not have enough of the light fabric I’m using around the blocks on my Lazy Girl’s Jane Austen Quilt (at least that is what I’ve named it). It doesn’t look like a special color but there are many colors of off white and I finally found a shop today that had a (nearly) matching color. I have done all this driving in 95+ degree weather with NO air conditioning in my car. It is a good thing that it goes in for repairs tomorrow – that will keep me out of the quilt shops – oy! My new sewing machine is going to have a very warm welcome!


PS – Current reports from the kids in Michigan include, tubing, the blob, and dinner with grandparents. Aunt Janet lives on the lake and my parents and Jerry’s parents live in the same town. They have all mentioned how much they love the Food Network. We got rid of television almost 4 years ago – so my kids are enjoying some time with satellite tv as a rare treat too.

very big project(s)

a big project c

a big project a

a bog project b

I have made a very long list of things I need/hope to accomplish while the 3 older kids are away. One is a major reorganization of rooms here. Some bedroom switches and office moves. It is a big project! My workroom isn’t moving but is gaining some new features. I began moving things around last night and came across a few unfinished projects, I should put these in my stitching basket so they get some attention.

Some new things that I’m gaining – a very large shelf unit, a literature box (for web shop orders) and a new sewing machine!!

What must you have when you get a new sewing machine….new fabric of course, and a new cutting mat. I wanted a big one, here is Yzma helping to provide scale for this picture. One of the things on my ‘want’ to do list this week is to finish one quilt and piece another.

The webshop sale continues. I will be adding the last of the sale things later tonight. Sale ends at 11:59 pm Monday night. Save lots on shipping & on Belle Soie Silks.


in the works

I few things I’ve been doing this week.  I couldn’t go a whole week without stitching so I put a few more stitches into Elinor’s Sampler.  I’m making my Fair Squares into bean bags with tassels that I will use to weight large sewing projects like quilts when I’m pinning layers.  I’m putting lentils inside.

Speaking of quilts – I almost have this top finished (don’t look too close or you will see how badly I need to vacuum), I need to shop for some border fabric and backing.  You can see the scary mess my sewing table has become!  I think I need to call # 4 of the useful numbers on the new contact card Tyler put on the side of the fridge!



First and most importantly – Happy New Year!! Wishing you and yours all the best in 2008!

Thank you for all the lovely New Year’s greetings you’ve sent.  I love the new year, everything feels fresh and like a new start for some reason.  I cleaned the oven, bought a new ironing board, and put away the Christmas decorations in my new Christmas Rubbermaid tubs!

Some new goodies for me from family is this great quilt/embroidery design from Crab-apple Hill, and a Jolly pack of Susan Branch’s Tea Party fabrics for making the quilt (from the Fat Quarter Shop online).  I do offer this pattern at my webshop. Another Susan Branch goodie is this cookbook from Amber, she also gave me some beautiful kitchen linens from Williams Sonoma.

A new start that I made good progress on last night is Love Letters from Ewe & Eye & Friends. I love the soft colors. The quilt and cross stitch design that I’m showing you inspired me to create a page at my website that is connected to what I’m working on and sharing here. My hope is to keep it updated so that you can get details about what you see here. Here is the link to the Happy Stitcher blog projects page at Handcrafts Online.

One more new thing for today is this salmon chowder soup. I found the recipe in a magazine and thought I’d give it a try. It is pretty yummy, Jerry is on his third bowl and Amber stopped in and give it a good review also. It was pretty quick and easy.

Hope today is full of happy and new for you too!


Snowy Day Shopping

This post is really about the goodies I picked up Thursday – I can’t believe how busy this week has been!

 We got a bunch of snow Wednesday night/Thursday morning.  I had to get a pile of things shipped and knew that my favorite quilt shop which happens to be down the block from the post office was having a fq sale.  So I didn’t let a bunch of snow stop me, they were surprised to see me at both the post office and the quilt shop, I guess they thought only crazy people would be out and about – but I had a lovely time in the snow as you can see and even stopped for some treats to serve with coffee!

I went back to the post office and quilt shop today to ship things and look at the patterns that were on sale.  I bought a replacement for my Yellow Brick Road pattern which I have completely lost and spent nearly as much time looking for it as it would take to make the quilt, and I also picked up this pattern.  I’m also busy busy keeping up with the BIG sale at my webshop which along with free shipping has lots of orders flowing in!