Running Low…







Here’s my progress on this month’s Sampler of the Month offering through my webshop please click the link for design details, thanks. At this moment there are only 2 kits left…

LOTS of Prairie Schoolers went out last week, I’m expecting a new shipment daily as orders continue to come in regularly for these…I do ship these in a cardboard mailer! Also, I’ve added some previous PS designs to the Prairie Schooler page at a really great price!

Back to where we left off for Heart Week…

The last little heart I showed you was for this Sampler Girl design, see her her Etsy shop for details! I baked some Valentine cupcakes and enjoyed this completely frivolous DVD (it has some charming bits but I did like the book better) over the weekend. I’m in the midst of and epic head cold at the moment and I think I’m running low on tissues!

Sniff, Sniff :0/

the chartreuse mitten






It snowed so that I could show this off!

I used this yarn – 2 balls is more than enough for a pair of these mittens, and this pattern, size small – with a shorter cuff (much shorter)…Knit or read, knit or read? I’d better knit if I hope to have a pair of chartreuse mittens.


So glad it’s Friday!






Jerry will be home after another week out of town! I realize everyday how much more I can accomplish when he is home and how much I take that for granted. I still hope to get that knitting pattern posted though, the week’s not over yet!

I did bake a few things and see a pretty bird and pull together some books I hope to read by the end of summer even though I’m pretty sure I’m not being realistic here. There are a few more Christie books I’m saving up for and I also want to read this as soon as it’s available.

Here is the muffin recipe – it’s pretty good, I think if I make these again I would make them mini muffins to increase the glaze:muffin ratio. The cookies are divine! I think I might try a batch with chocolate or butterscotch chips in them or both!

This sweet bird and Ophelia were having a chat at the window today so I ran outside and took a few pictures.

Happy Friday!

coming this week!



It’s time for the county fair! The fair starts Wednesday but they were setting up the midway along side the farmer’s market today. A few cucumbers and squash are all that came home with me, Amber bought some pasta and enjoyed a brat with peppers of which I had a bite – delish! I love to see this vendor’s flowers, always a highlight of the market for me.

I’ve been looking at the fair schedule wondering if we should catch the Goat Show or the Hand-spun Yarn judging. Choices, choices! Ethan loves to visit the animals so we’ll be there are few times just to soak in all the beauty, pigs are his favorite. Personally I don’t want to miss the ‘Pet a Bunny’ event.


A new favorite of mine…yes I’m hooked on Doctor Who. Yea Netflix!! Found out Amber has just become hooked as well. She’s a few episodes ahead of me so she is the all-knowing one on that subject. Although neither of us have seen it yet, we both are a little nervous about the ‘Blink’ episode. The one with the gas mask monsters about did for me!


PS – I started with the 9th Doctor (2005)

wrapping up a weekend





Nothing hugely exciting here. It was lovely to have Jerry home for a few days. He is already headed back to work and checked into his hotel. He sent me this picture of his view a few minutes ago….wishing I was there!

Weekend activities included…a new soup recipe using things growing in my garden, grocery shopping, stormy skies, new tires, crochet progress, church, and enjoying a good movie again!


PS – Just picked up Kellen from youth group, the view here isn’t too shabby – and neither are the half price chocolate malts from Sonic!



something different







Thank you so much for your condolences for Orange.  We all really miss him, everyday.

I’ve been trying my hand at some English paper piecing.  I think I will make the small blue and pink square into a pin cushion.  I have a quilt in mind for the 2 inch hexagons.  I learned that the measurement refers to one side of the hexagon, not the whole thing.   I wasn’t planning on them being so large but now I like them.  I have Aunt Doris’ old quilt with me which she did by hand years and years ago, I should really finish this into something useful. Looking at her work makes me even happier to be working with large hexagons!

I’m using a fat eighth bundle of Breakfast at Tiffany’s fabric from Fig Tree Quilts on this, charm packs would work well too I think.  I think I can make about 40 ‘squares’ and then I’ll come up with a scheme for putting these together as  a quilt.  I’ve run out of paper pieces at this point since you leave them in the fabric till all the sides are attached to other hexagons and I’ve only been able to remove the center pieces so far for reuse.  I’m thinking about stocking these at the webshop.

I’ve been doing a bit of reading this week.  I’ve finished the top two in this stack and I’m half-way through George, Nicholas and Wilhelm Jane Austen Book Club was just okay – about what I expected having seen the movie.   I really liked Murder at Mansfield Park although I was hesitant since I actually do like Fanny Price!


New Prairie Schoolers!



They’re here!! Darling designs, I think Santa’s Night is my favorite and the 2011 Santa is wonderful, love those snow shoes. The frame on Christmas Favorites is darling and the other 2 designs don’t disappoint!

I’m offering my usual special at the webshop. Buy all 4 designs and get the 2011 Santa free. All orders (not just PS) will include a free mini card. I’ve reduced the price on the set to off set the shipping charges too. I do ship these carefully in photo mailers so that arrive safely.

Stopped at the SA (Salvation Army) and found this fun book. I’ve only read a few pages and have to say it is completely charming so far.

Off to update the shop and then I’m going for another swim!


thrifty finds






Been thrifting a bit – some of my recent finds.

I think my favorite is the framed Romeny print of Miss Willoughby but the little dish with ladies is pretty sweet too. I have two of the little tea cup snack plate sets which came from a garage sale just across the street and were irresistible at fifty cents a set.

I’ve started to collect the Nancy Drew books when I can find them at the thrift shop that is. I had oodles of these once in my life and read most of them. The Salvation Army sells books for twenty cents but they don’t have Nancy Drew in hardback very often. I am enjoying them all over again.


store closing deal




The Borders in Boulder is closing – the 1st picture is pretty much the view from Border’s front door. There is a Borders that is closer to me, close enough to walk to, but this was a bigger and better store, it was also in the beautiful 29th Street Mall which is always fun to shop.

I stopped in this afternoon and picked up a few Agatha Christie books (and got a great deal) for my mysteries shelf. Of course these will go right into my book box that is shortly to be taped shut for the move.

I love the colors!

happy birthday Jane!






It’s not polite to mention a lady’s age but well, Jane is getting ‘up there’, I wonder what she would think of her popularity today.

My favorite JA novel is Persuasion and I’ve stitched a few tributes using Little House Needleworks and Sampler Girl designs. I did go a bit beyond the book on LHN’s Captain’s Inn and changed it to The White Heart rather than The White Hart because I couldn’t figure out how to chart a stag alongside the ship which I love on that chart. The other charts I used were LHN’s Abigail Winslow and Liberty & Justice. The Sampler Girl chart is called Return to the Sea with Jane Austen.

I read about a special treat for Jane fans over at AustenProse (a great Jane blog by the way) check it out!

Enjoy something yummy with a free ebook in honor of Miss Austen today (cookie picture from wikipedia).