Rocky Mountain Wednesday + Heart









Here are a few snowy evening vistas from our drive to church Saturday night. We still have a fair bit of snow here but it’s supposed to be in the 60s this weekend so it won’t be here much longer.

Yesterday’s heart is from Farm House in BBDs Anniversaries of the Heart sereies. I personalized this for my grandmother. EJD are her initials, 1906 is when she was born and the love of her life was my Grandpa Otto which is what the O stands for above the house. This is her wedding photo and also a picture of them on their farm in Western Michigan.

Amber and I admired this pretty Valentine display of treats on our weekly shopping morning…I leave you with today’s heart (and it’s cat hair embellishment), more tomorrow.


Rocky Mountain Wednesdays









It was hard to choose just a few of the pictures I’ve taken around home the past few days, the snow is so pretty. I suffer from light triggered migraines so while I do love all this snow, it has created some painful afternoons for me. Actually as I sit here writing about it my head is starting to ache and I feel a bit sick, I’m not sure if it’s a flashback to yesterday’s awful headache or a harbinger of another.

I hope you enjoy these, I’m off to cover my eyes!


Rocky Mountain Wednesdays









We’ve been flip-flopping weather wise here. Lots of nicely warm days and with a day of snow thrown in for fun. We haven’t gotten to the true snowy season yet but we have had above average snowfalls so far. I love snow so I don’t mind. At the moment I’m listening to howling wind as a new snow system replaces today’s warm weather. Three days of the white stuff is on the way :0)

Rocky Mountain Wednesdays!








rmw 18a

Like many places around the USA it has been snowy and cold here. Maybe not as snowy as some places, or as cold as others, but enough that I’ve preferred to be home and warm rather than out and about in the weather.

Just a few pictures from recent days here.

Happy Wednesday!

PS – I do love how the snow sparkles when it’s REALLY cold!

Happy New Year….Rocky Mountain Wednesdays





rmw 11a

I do wish you all the best in 2014. The end of 2013 got a little bumpy here, more about that in a future post, nothing awful…. I’m looking forward to leaving that behind and moving forward. We are enjoying the last few days of Jerry’s time at home as we move into what looks like lots of out of town work for him in 2014.

We got out for a drive on Monday. We don’t have much snow and it’s been quite mild weather wise here. I hope you enjoy your first peek at the mountains this year.

Happy 2014 with lots of Hugs and Kisses for stopping by to see me here!


Rocky Mountain Wednesdays


rmw 520f



rmw 1216d

Cold and snowy. These are some of my older photos that look very like what we’ve been experiencing lately. Warmer weather is on the way.

I’ve been keeping warm at home trying to be very productive. Some days feel like I’m really making progress and others… My ‘to do’ list never seems to get any smaller and I’ve been beating myself up a bit lately. It is quite possible my lists aren’t exactly practical in real life and I have unreasonable expectations but that doesn’t stop me for a minute from adding more things to the list and being unhappy with myself if it doesn’t get done.

I think I’ll go unwrap a few Dove chocolates and read the nice little messages inside…they don’t really help but eating the chocolate does.


Rocky Mountain Wednesdays







A beautiful Autumn day! If you’d like to enjoy the sounds of this view, I recorded a short video here. Turn up the volume a bit.

Happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating!

PS –

We are NOT having goose!

Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

rmw 1120f

rmw 1120c

rmw 1120g

rmw 1120d

rmw 1120e

rmw 1120b

rmw 1120a

I had thought about posting some photos of damage from the newly open areas here, it still amazes me what damage water can do. I’ve decided against that since things are really improving and there has been more than enough damage on the airwaves with typhoons and tornadoes lately. There always seems to be a need for help from weather emergencies. Both of the recent storms in the news have left terrible damage and make me wish I could do more!

I want to thank you all again, REALLY! With your purchases we’re able to help a local charity for women, a local small business that has just reopened and an individual I was told of who lost every thing in her craft room. This was in the form of an anonymous gift card – for the local small business. And finally the local animal shelter who is still caring for displaced pets and monitoring temporary foster homes for pets. I found out that more pets than people were actually rescued during the flood and there was a ‘no pet left behind’ policy practiced by all the agencies involved in rescues.

I hope you enjoy these photos I was able to take because a major road that was washed away creating a 140 mile detour, is now able to be used again. There are still several detours necessary for getting to the places we go but it is really getting so much easier to get around.

Happy Wednesday!!

Rocky Mountain Wednesday & Fundraiser Total!







A very big thank you to all who purchased Impie, Hattie & Bea products during the fundraiser I’ve been sponsoring at the webshop this past month. With your purchases, some direct gifts, and a few extra dollars I’ve added from time to time, we have raised $470.00 for flood relief. I’ll report next week about the recipients, I hope you are as excited as I am to be able to do this. Thank you again for your support.

Now for the pictures here. These again are from our recent short stay in Avon, Co. While there we drove up to Leadville which I’ve wanted to see since we moved to Colorado almost 18 years ago. It was mildly interesting and quite a scenic drive. We had a fancy lunch there – I ran into the grocery store and grabbed some buns, deli meat & cheese and some chips. The weather was beautiful and the combination of amazing Autumn and Winter scenes was wonderful. We drove across this bridge which I was not able to photograph successfully.

Ethan’s ankle is healing nicely, he tries to do too much with it and it flares up. I’m still having good days and bad days with this darn Autumn cough/bronchitis that hits me annually. Jerry has started a big, out of town project which is not in nearly such a nice or scenic locale and we miss him.

All fundraiser orders should be shipped by the end of the week and I’ll be getting shipments of the newest things ready for Hoffmans. I’ve also got a new model in the works.

Happy Wednesday!


Rocky Mountain Wednesdays








Jerry often works out of town and it only very rarely works out for me to go along, so when I had the chance this past weekend I took it. We left here on Saturday morning and this a little visual diary of the early part of our road trip. We were home by Tuesday afternoon but I took nearly 700 photos while we were out and about. In reality the scenery is even more beautiful than this, remember I was zipping down the highway at about 70 mph while taking these pictures – Jerry drove.

More to come!

We are in the last week of the Colorado Flood Relief Fundraiser going on at the webshop!

I will be debuting one more new item during the fundraiser at the end of this week!

Amount raised so far from your orders plus a little …. $221!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!