5 days & cheesecake








I’ve spent a marathon week (sunrise to sunset) in the sewing room. I have made really good progress despite every bit of technology I own turning against me and the best efforts of two boys to sabotage my careful plans.

All individual Impie, Hattie & Bea orders (except 1) have been shipped and my Hoffman shipment, about 50 more hand-made items, is coming along nicely. I’ve shared a picture of yesterday’s view near the post office.

I did a bit of late night knitting, only a small portion has had to be pulled out because I was half-asleep… and I made a cheesecake and served it two ways. The recipe is on my food page.

I have updates for the fundraiser which I would have shared this past week during my Rocky Mountain Wednesday post but since that never happened…I’ll save it for next Wednesday.

Have a good weekend, I’m heading back to the sewing room.


White Christmas




The mountains have been covered with a veil of pretty clouds since we had our wonderful white Christmas, so I just thought I’d share a few pictures from my window.

Hope you had a Christmas full of sweet new memories!


Week end and sale!






The new website is up and mostly functioning so I’ve gone ahead and created a code [ CYMY2012 ] that is good through Tuesday for 20% off your order. Please email me if you have any trouble with the website, it does help me to know about it.

I treated myself to this special design/thread pack from Little House and Shakespeare’s Peddler. I’ve not made enough progress to show you anything pretty yet, just the heart outline and the word ‘fabric’, I hope to finish up one of the flowering vines tomorrow.

The Summer 2012 Jane Austen Knits is full of pretty projects and I thought I’d use this yarn from Knit Picks for the green scarf pattern. The Autumn 2012 magazine is great too but I’m waiting for it to go on sale….I am giving some serious thought to downloading the 2011 digital issue as well. If you’d like to check it out you can find it here.

Another little knitty project, I’m loving this yarn from Elann. You can find the details for this scarf here. I was really happy with my order from them for the yarn for this project, very fast shipping.

We’ve been enjoying some fresh baked banana bread today, the recipe is on my food link at the top of the page, also a very pretty sunset. Wow, this is a very linky post!


this, that, and a giveaway

(from the back door, I didn’t see the bunny til now)

(from my sewing room)

(my living room)




It’s been pretty busy here. Lots to do in the sewing room and not much time for other things. As you can see it’s starting to look like Fall in my neighborhood, I am enjoying the views so are Jane and Yzma!

I’ve been itching to start a big something. I should probably pull out an old big something and get it finished but I decided to make a start on this Quaker from With My Needle. I actually stitched the ‘A’ of this sampler on 4 pieces of fabric in 4 different threads before I settled on this combination. I really liked the way the printed pattern looked, just the dark ink on the paper, I wanted that look (I can’t show you a picture of the pattern obviously) but this gives that feel to me. I’m stitching this on 40 lambswool linen over 2 with 1 strand of DMC 844. I almost went more blue but it’s time to settle in and stitch this – no more fiddling.

On the knitting needles I’ve got started on a hat for myself. I’ve wanted to give color work a try, I do feel sort of like I’m cheating on this. It’s super easy using two skeins of the same yarn just starting in different spots color-wise. Super easy if I count right. I’m using this yarn (Rainbow Trout) and this pattern – fun!

I’ve been entering drawings all over blog town, to no avail, so I thought I’d just have one of my own. This is my 1,200th post so it’s time for a giveaway! I wanted to say thank you for visiting me here. I haven’t had time to make anything new but if you would like to enter your name for one of these two items (I’m going to pick two names one will win the Needle Roll and the other the Acorn) please leave a comment here and I will draw the winners on Friday night. I really am thankful for everyone who takes time to stop by for a visit!

Hope your week has been full of happy things! Back to the sewing room!


week ending





It has been a busy one. I’ve sent large boxes of good things to Hoffman’s. They are now offering the Traveling Stitcher sets and the 2nd version of the Pumpkins 4 Sale Workbooks, let your local shop know if you are looking for these, I have them (I still have a few of the 1st version Pumpkins 4 Sale Workbooks) at the webshop as well.

The new Ornament Issue from JCS is so full of great projects I can hardly pick one. This is my favorite two page spread. I also have these at the webshop, there are two listings depending on where you are shopping from (in or outside the USA) be sure to check which you are choosing.

This is the first day I don’t have a two foot pile of things waiting to be sewn in about 3 weeks, not sure what to do with myself. I know what I should be doing as the housework has suffered a bit but I really just want to watch a good mystery DVD and stitch.


A little Colorado Autumn color for you, I took this photo at lunch time on Thursday.


a very different post than I planned




The view this morning from the breakfast balcony. I didn’t imagine as late as 10:00 last night that I’d be waking up in Colorado Springs today. Here is my facebook update as an explanation-

Due to mechanical difficulties I had to hop in the car at 10:30 last night for a 2.5 hour drive to Colorado Springs where I became horribly lost at 1am. Two very nice CS policemen came to my rescue and drove across town to my destination so that I could follow them there – so thankful!

I’ll be here a few days. Everyone is fine, it’s just highly inconvenient but lovely all the same. We enjoyed breakfast buffet on the balcony at the hotel Jerry is staying at for work and it is always good to have more time with him.

I had planned to post about an upcoming webshop event. Impie, Hattie & Bea items will be on sale as well as several great one of a kind Summer Clearance items. I’m also needing to find homes for some of my finished stitched items so I’ll be listing lots of pillows, stockings and other finished pieces. I need to earn my keep and this unexpected mishap will be punching a big hole in the budget.

Watch this space!


stormy weather

When I started dinner the sky looked like this, these are newborn future thunderstorms,

a little while later..

the far right of this storm was eating its vitamins

not so little anymore!

We’ve had some pretty stormy weather here, you may have seen it on the news. We live quite a bit west of the worst of it. We are so far west, that is, nestled up against the east side of the Rockies that we get some protection from the worst of the storms but we do get to see them forming. Since it’s all downhill from here to the Blue Ridge Mountains we can watch these storms for a long time especially at night. My big bedroom window faces East and I enjoy watching the distant lightning after dark.

Just a random picture of a yummy candle I got at Target today, it smells divine!


PS just one more – I love how clouds look up close!


autumn views and stitches









I’ve started two autumn themed stitching projects but as you can see I’ve not made much progress. These designs are from Prairie Schooler and Homespun Elegance. I love the look of the acorns on the HE design but I’m not the best at making French/Colonial knots. I rather feel like I’m wrestling with my stitching when I work on this one.

I have been doing more knitting than stitching this week. The colder weather has a lot to do with that and I’m getting close to finishing a project I started ages ago.

Now for the views. I often show you the view from these French doors which is the lake, today it was like a mirror. Here are a few of the other autumn views that I’m enjoying this week from other windows here.

morning mist





I woke up a bit before my usual time this morning and while the coffee was brewing tiptoed out to the lake (in my pjs with bare feet on the very wet, cold grass) to take some photos. It was so pretty as you can see. Rather than lessening, the mist increased as I watched. When I couldn’t feel my toes any longer, I hurried back inside.

The coffee was very good!


still here

plane 5
Western Michigan along Lake Michigan

plane 2
over Western Nebraska

it’s like a soft, faded quilt

plane 3
a glimpse of the Rockies

plane 4
so glad to be almost home!

These images are so peaceful I think.

It has been a hard week, 34 hours of which were spent in Michigan for a family funeral.  It wasn’t nearly long enough to be with family and though I’m glad to be back home with Jerry and the kids (who weren’t able to travel with me at such short notice), I have left a big part of my heart back in Michigan.  I would be grateful for your prayers.

I’ve lots to accomplish in the next few days but hope to be posting good things very soon.

Thank you to all who take time to check on me here, it is a comfort.