More Austen, other books, and a cranky little man!

Well, here is my bit of progress on The Sampler Girl’s Pride & Prejudice Sampler along with my 2 finished Austen Samplers by the same designer.  I’m planning a wall full of these designs.  I’m just using random colors from my stash to stitch this, it is fun to work on a sampler without using the color key – I do look at the picture a lot!

Sharon shared her great idea of using beaded fobs as zipper pulls on mesh needlework bags.  I also shared it with the needlework shop owner that is now carrying my fobs and she loved the idea.  I hope for more orders from there!

Ethan has been so horribly cranky today.  Happily Jerry was home for a bit between work and class so I ran out for a few minutes of peace and quiet.  I stopped by a quilt shop that I rarely visit – they aren’t the friendliest to people who come in with a stroller and never seem to have anything I’m looking for, but they are on the same block as the cross stitch shop where I had to drop off fobs, I could walk to both without moving the car.  I picked up two fqs.  The one with writing has some references to Wuthering Heights on it that I can make out.  I also stopped for a coffee and poured it into my cup when I got home!

This macaroni salad is a summer staple at our house. Tyler and Ethan love it (Kellen would rather eat dirt).  It is a cucumber, a can of tuna, macaroni, and miracle whip.  So easy and pretty yummy.

I downloaded 2 more books from Audible – they are having a great sale that ends tomorrow.  Jerry wanted ‘The Lost Colony’ (Artemis Fowl) and I downloaded a book called ‘The Shadow of the Wind’ for me.  I love listening to audio books when I stitch.  We don’t have TV (we can watch dvds on a screen but no cable, dish, or reception of any type), so I often spend the evening either listening to a book or to music if I’m stitching.  If you ever decide to sign up at Audible please give my email as a reference ( or ask me for a referral please.

Still waiting on final grades to see if I finished with a 4.0 – I’m hoping!!


And the Winners Are…..

Thank you all so much for your wonderful compliments and for visiting and commenting here at my blog.  I decided to draw three names – actually Tyler did the drawing, and the winners are (from top to bottom)

Heidi, Jan, and Valda.  I’ll be emailing each of you to get shipping information. Jan wins the ‘snail fob’ which seems to have been a favorite. I’ve just added more fobs to my Fobs 4 Sale page (link at top) sorry no snails, maybe next week, but I did add some ladybugs and dragonflies.

Jan and Valda, if you have a blog please let me know and I’ll link to it here.

These beautiful silks from Dinky Dyes are used in this great project in the newest issue of The Gift of Stitching magazine.  For more info about the magazine click here. Here is a a link to Jo’s (Dinky Dyes) blog.

Even though class was good last night I couldn’t help looking at the clock saying 2 more hours, 45 more minutes, 10 more minutes……DONE!!  I do have a bit of homework for finals but it will be a joy knowing that I’m wrapping things up, at least for a good long while.  I do see myself continuing someday, but not any time soon. It is good to have this first milestone completed.


Weekend Projects

Kellen left for 5 days of camp today with the 5th and 6th graders at church.  Amber has moved back to school so it is just Jerry, Tyler, Ethan, and I this week, quite a different dynamic.

I did get the second block for the PS 12 Days SAL done.  I’m on a good pace to keep up with the due dates at this point.

As you can see I was carried away by the beaded fob addiction.  I ended up making 16.  I will be drawing 2 names (see previous post) and I will tell you the one with the snail is one of the fobs I’ll be giving away since it seems like a favorite.  The other one will be a surprise.  I’ve also decided to sell some of these (so I can buy more beads).  There is a link at the top of my blog called Fobs 4 Sale.

I also put new screen material in our window screen frames this weekend.  Little boys have a way of poking holes in screens and I’ve needed to do this for a while now.  This is one of the small screens.  I ended up having to make new frames for 2 large and one small window.  My arms are aching tonight from the hacksaw and the little rolling tool that you use to get that cord in the groove – I know it has a name but it escapes me at the moment.  Poor Jerry had to make several trips to Home Depot today.  While I was having fun with the screens he was reparing a leaking pipe in the basement that we discovered at about 1am last night.  All is well now.

I have officially waited to the bitter end to get my paper written (what I should be doing this very moment).  I’ve decided to switch to a Wordsworth Poem “The world is too much with us” which I think will make the paper go much quicker than my original choice.  Better get to it!

Tomorrow is my official last day of classes!!!


Golden, quilts, and things.

I started my day with a long drive to Golden. There are lots of museums in Golden but I only drove there, realized I was at the wrong place for an appointment (Amber’s in the dog house) and drove home. The Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum is in Golden (I’ve haven’t visited this one yet) – the Geology Museum at the School of Mines is my favorite.

Speaking of quilts, I did run into a quilt shop to pass a bit of time while I was waiting to pick up kids and found this great book. I didn’t buy it but I’m saving my pennies up. It has a great quilt design that would be perfect for my collection of Chelsea Boutique fabrics.

I did add a few titles to my Prairie Schooler Collection so I need to update my list. I’d like to get the small design from Pumpkin Patch stitched this fall.

I’m happy to say I got a 39/40 on my paper and some additions to my quiz score. In fact the teacher handed out a copy of my paper to the class (without my name on it thankfully) as an example of how a literary analysis should be written – that was a surprise! One more week of school, 2 more papers and I’m done with classes!!!


A finish and two fun finds.

 I finished up the Stacy Nash Primitives design which I have a page for at my website here. I think I’m going to use the tiny print for the back. I don’t really have any sort of rustic cord for the hanger, I think ribbon is more my style anyway. This was a quick stitch. I used one strand of Carrie’s Threads except for the pink on the flower which is GAST.

I picked up this glass tile top table at Michael’s for $7.49. I thought it went so nice with the colors in my reading corner. We don’t keep wine in the house but Jerry suggested I fill some bottles with different beans to put in the rack – he is so smart.

I found this little cabinet at Hobby Lobby for $5.00 – I really couldn’t resist it although it really isn’t a useful item. I’m glad I brought it home :0).

I just got an 85 on a quiz which is completely unacceptable!! I haven’t seen which answers were wrong but I think I will be arguing at least 2 of them. I’m also anxiously awaiting a grade on my first paper for this class. This professor is well known as the hardest grader at the University. :0( – every time I open the grade book my tummy does a little flip. I’ll keep you posted!


Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

Lots of hot weather here! I really – REALLY dislike air conditioning so we have had lots of fans running bringing in more hot air, but at least it is fresh hot air! The afternoons are stormy, which I love.

I’ve watched about 3/4 of Beatrix Potter but we had a little potty emergency and I never got back to it, I will say I was crying my head off. I slept really well because of it I think.  I should have a chance to watch the whole thing through later tonight since I’m caught up on my writing assignments.

I got an A on my final for my last class so I’ve kept up the old GPA! One more class to go, I hope I don’t blow it.


fabric, feathers, bananas

Another photo of my big project.  It is so nice to look up from my desk and see all these pretty fabrics, I like to keep the cabinet doors open.  I still have a long way to go before I’ll feel organized in here but it is coming along.

I love these colors for the new design called Beneath the Sunlit Sky, Loose Feathers design number #26 from Blackbird Design.  You can see the design here. I think their designs just keep getting better and better.

This giant donut is actually banana bread that I baked in a bundt pan (that is a dinner plate it is sitting on). I sometimes often have trouble getting things to come out of the bundt pan and still look pretty – I’m pretty impressed with this one.  I ended up only using brown sugar instead of the normal 1/2 brown, 1/2 white I usually use, maybe that made a difference.  My kids tell me we have been out of white sugar for 2 months, I knew we had been out of brown sugar even longer and I just recently bought a bag.  I guess that either shows how well we can get along without sugar in the house, or I haven’t been baking very much lately!

Things are a bit messed up at school right now.  Due to a long confused story, I’m going to have to CLEP a history credit, unless I want to attend school another semester because of class schedule issues.  I’m also taking a literature class because I have to be enrolled,  I already have all my credits – except the history one I need, to be done!  Nothing like waiting til the last minute to find this out.  The lit class is an accelerated class that is only 5 weeks long, then I’m officially done with classes!!!



A very quiet day today – poor Jerry had to work on Father’s Day. All the boys jumped on him in bed early this morning and gave him cards and some new dvds. He went golfing with a good friend earlier in the week as a sort of Father’s Day gift to himself.

I’ve finished up the Daisy Sampler from Country Cottage Needleworks. A quick stitch and very sweet. This is stitched on the same fabric as the Silk Spring Sampler from Little House Needleworks and Crescent Colours. They go very well together. I’m thinking about making pillows of them (of course) this fabric I picked up at a quilt shop I almost never visit but have really begun to enjoy. I think it goes very well.

I was on a long drive to take Tyler to a friends for an overnight on Friday and I drove past these two pelicans. I had to stop and take a photo.

Happy Father’s Day!!



I finished up the Spring Silk Sampler just in time to start on Summer!  Spring is stitched on 32 Star Sapphire linen which doesn’t show up very well in the photo but tones very well with the silks.  I plan to stitch Summer on English Rose linen.  The colors for the new Hope thread pack are very happy I think.

I now have plenty more Dinky Dyes silks in stock for the pin-cushion designs found in this month’s issue of The Gift of Stitching magazine.  They are very pretty colors.  This really has been a thread filled day.

I’m working on my first speech for my public speaking class (which I’m only taking because I must to graduate) which I have named “Where’s my Needle?”.  Since our giant windstorm last week my internet connection has be very, very slow and intermittent, which has me quite behind on many things – I don’t like being behind!


Book Party

I’ve been stitching away at designs from this book.  I meant to post Friday night but I just had to stitch one more, and then yesterday I had to stitch one more again . . . I started yet one more today but decided enough is enough!  I have some exchanges and gifts I need to get done.

Stitched with Carrie’s Threads on 30ct R&R scrap.

DMC on 18ct black aida, not sure if I’ll do the antiquing step given in the book.  I think I like how this looks.

Both stitched with 1 strand Carrie’s Threads on 40ct fabric over 2.

Stitched with 1 strand of Seaweed from Carrie’s Threads over 2 on 40 R&R scrap.

stitched with 2 strands of Cocoa Carrie’s Threads over 2 on 30ct R&R scrap.

I was thankfully excused for this week from jury duty, but have to check in every Friday for the next 4 weeks to see if I am needed the following week.  I start my 2nd to last class on Wednesday – the end is in sight!