Not just knitting..

As you can see, I’ve done a bit of stitching along with my knitting this week.  I’m still picking colors for Berthe Massiet.  It would look nice hung next to my Beatrix Potter Sampler I believe – if I ever get them both finished.

I really do like the fabric I’m stitching Ladybug, Ladybug on (28 hand dyed Jobelan),  I’ve decided to use the same cloth in Pink Dahlia for Geranium House.

We are having ‘Spring Break’ here.  The week has flown by and time is running out for getting all my plans accomplished.  I should say the kids are having a break.  I on the other hand have loads of homework to get done and dishes to prepare for an Easter pot-luck we are invited to.  Amber made a yummy batch of potato salad last night with a new recipe she came across, I hope I can get her to make another batch for me in time for the party – boy that would save me a heap of time!


Kellen’s game, my chili, & Amber’s stitching.

I have spent the last 3 days and nights writing papers except for going to Kellen’s (#22) last basketball game of the season and fixing meals.  Today was a dark and rainy day (it is a snowy day for areas just slightly higer in elevation than we are), just right for a pot of chili, I made a double batch but there sure isn’t much left over.  Because I have had so little sleep (7 hours total for the past two nights combined) I did take a nap.  I love napping when it’s raining.  I really should be working on my second paper right now instead of writing this post, but a girl needs a break now and then.

I have done a tiny bit of stitching when I can squeeze it in, but nothing I can show just yet, as what I’ve been working on will be mailed off to some friends who might just see it here if I post a photo, and I want them to be surprised.  This stitching in the photo was done for me by my daughter Amber a few years ago.  As you can see I still need to make it into a banner.  This actually was misplaced during one of our moves and ended up in an unopened box for a quite a while right after she finished it.  I’m glad to at least be able to see in on my project board right now.

 Better get back to paper #2 which at this point is my 14th page of writing since Thursday!


Too busy to stitch

I’ve had a very full week already and still have lots to do school wise by the end of the weekend.  I had to show you some of the newest goodies I’ve been adding to my inventory at my webshop. These Needleprint designs are beautiful, the actual design and all the little bits of history that are a part these charts really make them special. And of course all of Kelmscott’s things are special treasures. I’ve had most of the Kelmscott items in inventory for some time but today was the first time I got to see the Peacock Needleminder up close, I may have to adopt one as my own, it is beautiful!

I hope none of you expert knitters out there hurt yourself laughing at my little practice sock. I have to say I’m really excited that it even looks like a sock. I’m ready to learn the mystery of finishing the toe next….I’m waiting for a quiet moment to try it. I hope I can finish this sock before Ethan goes to college!

Amber made her tasty Salmon Quesadillas for dinner the other night, a family favorite. She of course finds it humorous that I had to snap a photo, she keeps saying she is going to hack into my blog and share photos of some of my cooking disasters!


At Home – knitting

I finished At Home with Jane Austen by Tanya Anderson of The Sampler Girl. I really enjoyed this design and the fibers from Crescent Colours are wonderful. I will probably use this fabric in my finish, I really like how it looks with the design.

I was going to start Be My Love from CHS, but I decided to attempt knitting a sock. I don’t plan on this being a sock I can use, but I’ve never used double pointed needles before so this is just practicing using the needles. I plan to attempt the heel flap next. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. but the tip of the ring finger on my right hand goes numb when I knit, and it is still numb now 4 hours after quitting. It is a bit annoying!!

I have two more weeks of my communication class and I start a new class today. I will only need two more classes to finish my degree after this one is done!! I hope that I can get both classes I need this summer and be DONE!!! Handcrafts Online is growing and I would love to have more time to devote to adding product to the shop and updating the website on a more consistent basis. I would love to have more time for stitching and sewing too. I would love to read just for fun and not a less-than-thrilling text book. I would love to be done with school!!!


Weekend Stitching

I had a paper to write yesterday that went surprisingly fast so I had more time to stitch that I thought I would this weekend.  I’ve made some marked progress on Sunflower House, I hope to finish this week!  I also couldn’t resist starting a new design I just purchased, I’ll let you guess what it is, hopefully I’ll be able to show it completed very soon – let’s just say it is something cute.  I’m using Carrie’s Threads – Soot for this.

I joined a new Yahoo group yesterday dedicated to Carriage House Samplings designs.  I feel a bit of a fraud since I’ve only collected some of the designs and not stitched a single one.  I hope to change that soon.  Several members mentioned that they either were or had stitched Be My Love – I think that design will be added to my stash soon!  I’ll add a link to the group in my side bar on the Yahoo List.

As I said, my paper went very quickly last night so I unwisely stayed up late to stitch and watch a movie on my laptop – a bad idea since Ethan woke up at 5am with a fever today.  He doesn’t act sick, he says noting hurts, he just has a fever.  Kellen is just the opposite, he has had a burst eardrum from infection and inflammation and no fever.  We sure don’t need to be such faithful contributors to the doctors office at this time, but at least I have my car back to get there.

Today I need to tackle my workroom.  Amber has moved home until her school housing becomes available.  All of her household things are stacked in there, and not in a very convenient spot, something needs to be done so that I can function in there!


Tea & Shortbread

I’ve been keeping busy – very busy.  So many new things are arriving everyday that need to be unpacked, inventoried and in many cases repacked for shipping.  I try to send things out the same day if possible.  Sometimes UPS just gets here too late in the day.  I have about 18 orders to pack today.

I did take a short break to make some brown sugar shortbread.  I found the recipe in a little book that Joanne sent me with 50 kinds of shortbread in it.  I’m not sure I’ll make all 50, I don’t keep dark rum on hand generally….but these are really yummy!  Perfect with a cup of tea. 

I have a paper due today, so does Jerry.  At the moment he is at the doctor with Tyler who has been getting worse instead of better.  When he gets home we will be spending the evening together at the dining room table writing our papers – how sweet.  I’m thinking it will be drive-thru dinner for the boys, I don’t like to do this often but there are days…and the boys love it.

Better run!


Blackbird Stitching

I’ve joined a new Yahoo group (new to me) that is dedicated to Blackbird Designs.  Here is 1 of my BBD finishes from 2005.  It is called Spring Fling.  I love the colors in this design.  I left off the border.  I still need to find a frame for now it sits in a box in the closet.  I’m currently stitching Sunflower House.  I had hoped to have this finished last month.  I’m going to try hard to finish by the end of February.

 Ethan is still sick and I’m still tired, and coming down with my own sore throat and stuffy head.  I did get a much needed hour to myself today.  I dropped Tyler off at Tae Kwon Do and ran to Office Depot, Hobby Lobby, Borders, & Starbucks!  It doesn’t sound very relaxing but I did enjoy the time to myself.  I usually run these errands with at least the 2 youngest boys and it takes much longer to accomplish the same tasks.  I picked up this nice magazine and this pretty yarn.  I’m going to try to knit some little coffee cuffs.

Well, Ethan is sleeping, Jerry, Tyler, & Kellen are gone to Kellen’s basketball game, and I have a paper to write!  Bye for now.


Ebenezer Scrooge & Peace

I completed this ornament for a class I’m taking.  The assignment is to make an ornament and explain the significance of the elements involved.  Make a connection between the ornament and a literary work studied in class. 

The construction of my ornament obviously has significance as my favorite pastime and home business.  We studied A Christmas Carol so the tie to literature is also quite obvious.  What perhaps isn’t so obvious is how bad I’ve been about celebrating Christmas in recent years and that the pledge to keep Christmas in my heart all the year is a new resolution for me.

This 2nd Sunday of  Advent celebrates Peace.  When I think of peace I think of things like war of course, but I also think of peace that we should promote in our homes and hearts.  I pray that everyone who reads this post find themselves in a place where peace can be found.

A few weeks ago I shared a little about Operation Christmas Child.  I’ve come across this video blog of the journey these boxes take on their way to children far away. Scroll to the bottom of the video blog page for part 1.


Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

It is bitter cold today and not a good day for photos. I’ve borrowed a few shots from some local webcams and took a photo of Kellen who couldn’t resist running out for a roll in the snow despite the frigid air.

I’m baking cookies and writing a film analysis – I’d rather be stitching but I promised myself I wouldn’t stitch til I get this assignment completed and my work area cleaned.


I can knit!!

I’m sure all you fabulous knitters out there wonder why I am so excited about this little bit of yarn – but I just learned how to knit!!

I found a great site with video instructions.

I understand this is called the garter stitch (all knit) I’m making a small wrap for my shoulders that I can use when I stitch (or maybe do more knitting!) My goal is to learn to make soft and cozy socks.

I ended up getting a 90 on my paper, I hope I get a much higher score on the next (I think that is the 2nd lowest score I ever had on a paper)  This week’s paper is a film anyalsis.  I chose the movie Contact with Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey (we were give a short list of choices).  I watched it earlier this evening, tomorrow while I’m in between secretary duties at AWANA, I will look for some references in The Universe Next Door and study my Worldviews Grid, and then watch the movie again tomorrow night – I do like this movie, there are some interesting themes.

Snow has been forcasted for the mountains tomorrow!