Bunny Basket Sampler


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I have a new Basket Sampler offering and a few more of an old one. This little cutie is from Homespun Elegance. I have kits for this at the webshop, they include design, linen, thread pack (including some fuzzy alpaca for the tail), pretty fabric for the back, fluffy trim, and hand-dyed perle for the bow.

I’ve added a few new bunnies to my decor, there was a great sale on Easter things last week and I was happy to add two new bunnies to my collection at such a savings, I’m also stitching another little bunny freebie that I’ll tell you all about soon. I’m thinking of making up some kits for that as well.

Also, due to popular demand, I am able to offer 3 more Tall Sheep Basket Sampler kits! I still have 6 Sampler of the Month Kits – A Prairie Girl’s Sampler available and over at the Only While They Last page I have a couple of reduced offerings… 1 Love Thy Neighbor design w/threads available, and a few February Calender Girls, I’ve reduced these to help them find a happy home!

I’m spending my days in the sewing room, it’s taken some time to get back up to speed with Impie, Hattie & Bea sewing I’m embarrassed to say, but it feels good to be productive in the sewing room again. I still squeeze in a bit of knitting in the car and once it’s too late for stitching for these tired old eyes.









This post is really about the weekend but since most of the pictures have some yarn in them….

Weekends have a whole new and wonderful feel now that Jerry is not out of town all week long. I’m happy to say he is currently on a big project in Boulder. Instead of frantically trying to squeeze everything into a few days of having him home, we can actually relax a bit and really enjoy the weekend. The weather helped that quite a bit as we had two beautiful days here. Now on to the pictures….

I did knit a teeny bit this weekend, two projects I have going are Cerus [a scarf done in linen stitch lengthwise, I’m using Malabrigo Rastita yarn in Piedras] and Gansey Scarf [I’m using MountainTop Canyon yarn in Mesquite] they are both coming along nicely. You can find more info about these at my Ravelry project page.

We headed out for what would have been a short drive if not for a mountainside traffic jam yesterday that added an hour to our drive home covering a 2 mile stretch through some of the most damaged roads from the flood. Earlier on our way out we passed this pretty tree.

Back at home Jane says hello and my chives are sprouting on the back porch!


PS I’ll be back with a new Basket Sampler that’s perfect for Spring/Easter and a few more kits for a previous offering. Happy Monday!

Sampler of the Month!







Lately, I love purple and so that is how I saw my finish of this pretty and simple sampler called A Prairie Girl’s Sampler from Midnight Stitching. I stitched this on 32 count lambswool linen with a selections of pretty purple threads I put together and used in a random way. It fits in a standard 8×10 frame this way. Jane likes it too!

I’m offering this as a kit this month. The kit includes – the design, linen, purple thread pack, purple border fabric, and finishing trim. I will sew your fabric to the linen (no charge) for you if you request it or send it un-attached if you like to sew your own. I used glue (gasp) to attach the trim. I’ll leave that for you to affix as you desire. Please note this fits in an 8×10 frame WITH the fabric attached, the linen is too small for that on its own. The little dish shows my leftover thread after stitching this up with a sample thread pack. Lots of room for changing your mind as you play with the colors.

I have a limited number of kits with this fabric, if there is a 2nd version I will update the blog and webshop as needed.

Happy Stitching!

PS – I’m sorry but I am not divulging the thread colors used for this project, it’s my own secret blend. Feel free to refer to my blog photos for a stitching guide (color-wise only please) or do your own thing! Have fun with Purple :0)

PPS – Happy Birthday to my sister who is a year younger than me….she just turned 28, again!


A new month!






This means new things at the webshop, I’ll be back with that news on Tuesday!

My sister-in-law came for a visit this weekend. The first time we’ve seen each other in almost 2 years. This is who we lived with for a year in Michigan so it’s really been way too long since we’ve spent time together.

The visit was WAY too short but we had a very nice time. I knitted her a scarf (Zig and Zag Lace Scarf from KnottygalDesigns in Silkpaca from Malabrigo) and we did some shopping with Amber. I brought home some pretty dish cloths and yarn – of course. Lots of family time all weekend really. I hope she enjoyed it as much as I did. One night we made a big batch of Sesame Chicken together, here’s the recipe.

Here’s a sneak peak at March’s Sampler of the Month!


PS – Tall Sheep Basket Samplers have sold out! (THANK YOU) I still have 1 Love Thy Neighbor design with threads available :0)

Tall Sheep Basket Sampler Kits






Such an adorable design. This is Tall Sheep from Shepherd’s Bush. I stitched this with 2 strands over 2 threads on 30 count R&R linen. Let me tell you finding 4 greens from 3 different companies to work just right with this design isn’t quite as easy and you would think. While I was at it I decided to save a few other stitchers the trouble and made up a few kits. I only have enough linen right now to make 7 kits but they are listed at the webshop if you want to snap one up before they are gone!

The kit includes, the design, 30 R&R linen, hand-dyed thread pack, alpaca thread (for sheep), 1 JABCO individual sheep pin, 1 JABCO bee button, organza ribbon, glass beads for flower center, fabric for back. This would also look really cute on Impie, Hattie & Bea’s Lavender Huswife.

I love this little additions to my Basket Sampler basket!

Happy Stitching!


odds & ends







Some ‘sunshine’ on my kitchen counter, I treated myself to a bundle of sunny washcloths and received a little gift from someone sweet. I’ve been doing a teeny bit of knitting and stitching. I love the Gansey Scarf pattern in my knitting birthday book and the colors of this sampler I’ll tell you more about another time.

I added my terrarium presents and love how they look, I need better plants now I think! Any suggestions?

Webshop update –



The last Love Thy Neighbor Kit has been sold but I’m still offering the design with threads at a very good price and be sure to see the Newest Prairie Schoolers and the ones on sale to go with them them!

Coming Soon ~ ~ Another sweet Basket Sampler!!


Be Mine!








I think the Calendar Girls from Little House Needleworks are so sweet. Here’s my version of February’s little lady. I used the threads listed and stitched this over 2 on Light Mocha Cashel linen. I have enough linen for 4 more projects this size so I’ve listed some semi-kitted designs at the webshop.

As a Valentine week breakfast treat I whipped up some white chocolate, raspberry French toast this morning. It was really yummy! I think it was pretty too. As usual I made way more French toast than we needed so I’ll be zapping it for future meals for the next few days. I’m not sorry there are extra berries and chocolate too :0)

Here’s the whole sampler from yesterday’s heart. It’s got a very romantic theme. It’s by Brenda Keyes and sadly I don’t see it available at her webshop any longer. Do check out her other beauties, several are on my wish list and I have the Providence Sampler well underway.

Here’s another heart from my Sampler Wall, more about that tomorrow.

Wishing you sweet things this week!


February Stitching






I’m launching a couple of new categories at the webshop! Last month you saw my first Basket Sampler. I’m also adding a Monthly Kitted Sampler which is only available during the current month, and another category for kits of very limited quantity called Only While They Last Kits. I’m not feeling super clever, forgive me.

So…here’s what I’ve added today. I thought the verse of this sampler was a good reminder and perfect for February. Plum Street Sampler’s Love Thy Neighbor. The model is stitched on Lakeside Linen, my kit comes instead with Edinburgh linen, at a very good price. I always serge linen cuts too.

I also have 2 (yes only 2) of these Blackbird Designs Remember Me kits so they of course are listed in the Only While They Last category. This and the Handcrafts Online facebook page are the places to watch if you have an interest in future Only While They Last offerings.

All of these Sampler Links can be found here at the Webshop!

I leave with you with a pretty picture I took yesterday of our snowy scene here. About the Super Bowl, I really enjoyed the National Anthem as for the rest….the less said, the better!!


Basket Sampler #1






Stitch this in time for your Valentine! I’ve created a new category at the webshop for kitted Basket Samplers. Everything you need to make a special keepsake for yourself or to give away. The kits make a nice gift for a stitching friend as well. I’d be happy to gift wrap and ship right to a friend for you!

This kit includes the design, linen (Belfast), hand-dyed thread bundle, fabric for the back of your keepsake and a pretty bit of ribbon. I’ve included an image to show you the thread left over after I stitched a sample using a kit. I crossed each stitch as I stitched and used 2 strands of floss.

I’m in the process of changing things around a bit at the webshop and the products I offer so I hope you pop over soon and have a look.

Watch for more Basket Samplers and beginning in February a full size kitted Sampler will be featured each month.

Happy Stitching!!