a little webshop special



I’ve been trying to get some things organized and have decided to create a webshop special each weekend through the end of the year, perhaps beyond that. Sales run Thursday thru Monday. Everything is in stock and ready to ship.

This weekend’s special is for Fig Tree patterns. They are all so adorable, I can’t pick a favorite!


it’s Cyber Monday!


Are you shopping? I’m having a sale. Here’s another treat from Cyberland, a free design from Little House Needleworks!

Happy Shopping!


I stitched this on 32 lambswool using the following threads –

Classic Colorworks (formerly Crescent Colours)

Brandied Pears (nose)
Barn Door


Tarnished Gold
Piney Woods

Woodland Sampling Workbook






New from Impie, Hattie & Bea!

Now at the website and part of the Flood Relief Fundraiser going on through October 31st. I can’t get my pictures to upload there at the moment (we just switched to a new web host) but you can see the details here at the blog.

These will be available for shops in the near future. I’m a very busy bee in the sewing room and a bit under the weather so your patience is appreciated!


PS – for a limited time, Woodland Sampling Workbooks purchased through the webshop will include the Floss-Away bag.

A new look – Love Letters Pocket







Love Letters Pocket from Impie, Hattie & Bea, stitched design – Love Letters from Midnight Stitching

Thank you again for making this a popular item! I’ve sewn through the bolts of fabric for the original version and I hope you will like the new version. It isn’t always possible to find replacement fabrics that are really close matches to what was used previously and I always feel a bit nervous when making the decision but once I had this one made up I felt good about the change.
These are at the webshop and are shipping to Hoffmans. I also have a few pair of Julia scissors from Gingher available there.

Autumn is full of the most beautiful colors. I’m enjoying them mostly from my windows at home as I’ve got my usual Autumn bronchitis going on. There’s lots to do and I’m getting there but some days are a little harder than others.


Don’t forget about the Colorado Flood Relief Fundraiser going on at the webshop!

brown + a sparkly giveaway








I have a brown knitting project – almost finished, and a brown stitching project nearly done as well. I baked some rolls til they were nicely brown and I’m sprouting some lentils – they sort of look green……

I needed some color! While playing with beads to make my little sun-catcher, I also made up a set of stitch markers for my knitting….and then I made a few more. I will add some of these to the webshop Boutique shortly but I thought I’d have a giveaway too. So…if you would like your name in the hat for the set shown on my day book, please leave a comment here :0)

Drawing to be held Friday, August 16th.

Happy Tuesday!

PS – I used the good old Miracle Bread Recipe for the rolls (add more sugar and raisins) and found the info about growing sprouts here. I will tell more about my knitting and stitching when I finish them up.

New Prairie Schoolers!



Such a nice surprise – a bit earlier than usual and all wonderful of course! Special at the webshop on these. I have oodles of older mini cards so I’ll not just send along the newest but a few bonus cards as well.


a basketful








A new addition to my little basket of pincushions.

This design from Beehive Needleworks is called Ruby Pemberton Sampler Pillow. I used one strand of DMC 154 over two threads of 40ct lambswool linen. In case you’re curious I’ve also shown a photo of the fabric I used for the back. I filled this with ground walnut shells.

This is the second Beehive design in my basket. The peacock is also by Beehive and I started the Red Swan Pin Pillow quite a while ago but I seem to have misplaced the pattern…*sigh*

You can see a list of all the designs in my basket here, and other (many of which I hope to stitch eventually) Beehive designs here.

My next stitch – Beehive Needleworks Zabeth Cottingill Sampler, for my wall.


little birds





A stitched finish – just because. I love these little bird samplers from Cherished Stitches. I finished up my favorite one (March) a while ago and it sat in a heap on the corner of my desk for ‘when I have a minute’…and became buried under other ‘when I have a minute’ things.

When I pulled the threads out for this they looked all wrong to me so I did my own thing. I’ve made up a few kits (very few) using ‘my own thing’ colors you will find them and other designs in this series at the webshop. Be sure to follow the designer’s instructions and only use 1 strand of thread. There is probably enough in the kits to use 2 but I don’t promise. There is definitely plenty for using 1.

I’ve made a tiny start on the May bird. I like this one because the colors remind me of two of my favorite Impie, Hattie & Bea fabrics. I’d like to take a moment to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all the shops who carry Impie, Hattie & Bea products, and another THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH to those who buy Impie, Hattie & Bea things at my webshop. Those few webshop purchases are what fund materials for the next product and yes there is something new in the works.


PS – During one of my ‘waiting in the car’ knitting sessions, I came up with a pattern for face towels. I’ll share it here as soon as I have time to write it up, hopefully sometime this week.


Lavender Huswife







Something new from Impie, Hattie & Bea. This lightweight stitching helper is made with a woven Indian cotton with a pretty trellis over-weave, this fabric has a bit of a rustic character. The inside is a perky polka dot. The huswife includes a ring for your threads, a lobster clasp for your scissors and a pretty wool felt page for your needles. These will be available at Hoffmans for shop orders and can be found at the webshop. The purple scissors are there too!

I really enjoyed this project and have always loved this design from Little House, I love lavender too. I also thought I’d mention that I’m using Jane Austen’s spelling for ‘Huswife’ – I’ve seen this spelled several ways in different places.

Happy Stitching!

milk or lemon




I’ve been thinking about other designs that would look right on Impie, Hattie & Bea products and this one sprung to mind. What goes better together than Jane Austen and a cup of tea? The tea cozy is lined with the pretty paisley fabric shown.

Both available at Hoffmans and the webshop.

Drink up!

This sweet stitching design is by The Sampler Girl who has oodles of wonderful Jane inspired stitching patterns!


PS – Fancy a Darcy Day would work beautifully here too… or perhaps one on each side!