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I recently knitted a bag for my sister’s birthday. She has her bag and is already making beach plans so I can blog about it. I used pretty cotton yarn I found at Hobby Lobby (previous post) and this pattern. I’ve knitted 2 of these before so I felt like I could make a presentable gift having practiced.

I’m planning to make myself a couple solid colored shopping bags from the same pattern with the two blue yarns I’m holding. It was very hard to choose a color, in the end I went with Ice and Dark Sea Foam.


milk or lemon




I’ve been thinking about other designs that would look right on Impie, Hattie & Bea products and this one sprung to mind. What goes better together than Jane Austen and a cup of tea? The tea cozy is lined with the pretty paisley fabric shown.

Both available at Hoffmans and the webshop.

Drink up!

This sweet stitching design is by The Sampler Girl who has oodles of wonderful Jane inspired stitching patterns!


PS – Fancy a Darcy Day would work beautifully here too… or perhaps one on each side!

hello Monday






I spent a lot of time yesterday getting things prepped for a very productive day today. Mondays just never go how I plan them. I did get some things done, not things on my official ‘to do’ list but useful things nonetheless.

I have actually done a bit of personal stitching too that will be something worth showing soon. I’m putting together some threads to make kits for that project and I’m also giving some serious thought to seeing Raspberry Patch from Country Cottage Needleworks on my kitchen wall soon!

I’m waiting on several shipments of inventory just now, some I expected Saturday, some today, tomorrow I expect heaps of mail since I’m still waiting! I did get some yarn to match Yzma’s eyes in the mail today which was nice, I wasn’t really trying to match her eyes…it just happens to.

Hope your week is spectacular!


PS – the finished, framed, ‘busy’ cross-stitch shown is a kit from Shepherd’s Bush, it also comes with a little hat for the sheep but I liked it better without.

a purple cloud






That’s what Ethan calls my new scarf.

Although I’m blogging about a scarf it’s only because I can’t quite show you what I’ve been stitching yet. I have something new in the works from Impie, Hattie & Bea and yes there is some purple involved. I’m hoping all the elements for this project will come together the way I imagine it and that I will have something to share with you for Spring – quite soon.

In the meantime, this is my new purple scarf. I used 1 skein of this yarn and cast on 25 stiches using size 10.5 needles. Knit every row and when the skein almost gone cast off. Simple and quick.

We have a new Winter storm rolling in today, I will probably be able to make good use of the scarf shortly.


Marking Pin Notebook





These will be available at Hoffmans and I’m happy to announce that the Love Letters Pocket will be as well. Hopefully you will see them on this Friday’s update. This is a sweet little stitching helper called the Marking Pin Notebook. It can be used alone or as a companion piece to the Winter Thread Pal. I’ve chosen just a teeny bit of Little House Needleworks Winter Wonderland to stitch for this and I may stitch up another bit so that I can embellish the front and inside cover. The Frosty set of Just Pins from JABCO go perfect with this and can be very useful for counting and marking while cross stitching.

I’ve updated the webshop with these, they are available alone or with the the pins.

I hope you had a chance to stop by and see some of the Impie, Hattie & Bea models at Market, if not, here is what you missed.



A miscellaneous posting….







I had planned to update the webshop and post about a new Impie, Hattie & Bea item that was available through Hoffmans, BUT…..bad weather has held up my shipment in Memphis so we’ll put that off til next week.

I’ve been busy knitting up a few gifts which I can’t show you yet and not stitching much this week, so I’ll just share a recent something I knitted for myself. Between dropping off and picking up kids last week, and wrecking the car, I stopped by my local yarn shop and picked up a skein of Malabrigo Worsted in the color Col China – pretty! I decided to knit this cowl. It knitted up quickly over a few snowy days and I’m very happy with it. I purchased another skein of the same yarn online to knit another, I think this will show off the pretty stitch details even better. I think Tyler might want the first one I made for those chilly mornings waiting for the bus.

Jane says hello!


IH&B Style Change News


ant f




A few things will soon look a little different from Impie, Hattie & Bea.

I’ve officially shipped the last two batches of Tea Room Cozies and Traveling Stitchers in their current style to Hoffman’s. I’m excited to share the new look of the Tea Room Cozy with you today. This change isn’t very drastic as I’m using fabric from the same line as the old style, the pretty paisley lining is the same too. The old look was the tiny print the new one has the larger flowers. I really love this fabric and how it looks with Country Cottage’s sweet design.

Finding a replacement fabric for The Traveling Stitcher (current style shown) has been a little more difficult but I think I’m on the right track with a new fabric that is just coming out this week, hopefully I’ll be able to show that to you soon.

In the meantime here is a peek at a little companion piece for the Winter Thread Pal that will be available shortly. I’m finishing up a batch to send off to Hoffmans and if you are going to market you can see the model if this and some of our other products in their suite.

I’ll be adding this new item to the webshop later this week and you can still get a few of the ‘old style’ Tea Cozies and Traveling Stitchers there as well.


It’s Prairie Schooler time again!!

ps feb 2013






It’s a favorite time of year don’t you think! Love that Owl & Pussycat!

Webshop special (price adjusted on new design set so that shipping in the USA is free!) going on now! Free mini card while supplies last.


Rocky Mountain Wednesdays







I took these photos on the way home from Denver last week in my little car.

Tonight my poor little car is on it’s way to the repair shop. I crashed it about 2 hours ago. I only had Ethan with me and we are both fine, my car is most definitely not okay. I’m not very happy with myself, I can usually manage icy roads when I have to.

Time to relax with a cup of tea!

Hope your week has been better than mine so far :0)

weekend report





A fairly quiet weekend here, just puttering around the house. I did a little ~

Sewing – Impie, Hattie & Bea products, watch for some style change news later this week.

Stitching – A little progress on LHN’s Needlework School, I’m reminded as I stitch this that I once visited Betsy Ross’ teeny little house in Philadelphia when I was a child. My strongest memory is of a very narrow, very steep staircase.

Knitting – I finished one knitted gift and mailed it and started another with this pretty cotton.

Cooking – I baked an Apple Crisp and tried this new dish out on the family – both pretty darn yummy.

Today I’m plagued by allergies, nursing a sore knee (I fell UP the porch steps), and still sewing more Impie, Hattie & Bea things.