Pink Baby Mini

With My New Sewing Machine

Mini Circles

Eleanor Burns Quilt

Grandma W Quilt

Log Cabin City

EP Tied Quilt

Blue Stars

I didn’t make this one, I rescued it from the trash.  Jerry’s Aunt Doris pieced all of this by hand over 60 years ago.  I’m trying to decide how to finish it, I was thinking about splitting it down the center width and making two tablecloths.




13 thoughts on “quilts

  1. My word, Mary Kathryn! Beautiful quilts! I’m partial to the one your aunt pieced, simply because I have most of my grandmother’s hand-pieced quilts. Oh, how I love them! I’ve done a small wall hanging .. in that magical ‘some day’ world, I’m going to quilt bigger pieces. Yep, one day. ;o)

  2. Beautiful quilts, Mary Kathryn! I love them all, but especially the blue and yellow and the Grandma W quilt. I also love the way you have the threads displayed in the first photo!!

  3. Mary Kathryn,
    I adore all of your quilts. I couldn’t pick a favorite. However, I may have to come to visit and commission you to make one for me.

  4. I love quilts. The quilt shop you showed on your blog and all your pretty quilts are great.
    I have posted a few quilts and there is a link on my website if you want to see.
    I’ll be back to see what else you post.

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