This post is really about the weekend but since most of the pictures have some yarn in them….

Weekends have a whole new and wonderful feel now that Jerry is not out of town all week long. I’m happy to say he is currently on a big project in Boulder. Instead of frantically trying to squeeze everything into a few days of having him home, we can actually relax a bit and really enjoy the weekend. The weather helped that quite a bit as we had two beautiful days here. Now on to the pictures….

I did knit a teeny bit this weekend, two projects I have going are Cerus [a scarf done in linen stitch lengthwise, I’m using Malabrigo Rastita yarn in Piedras] and Gansey Scarf [I’m using MountainTop Canyon yarn in Mesquite] they are both coming along nicely. You can find more info about these at my Ravelry project page.

We headed out for what would have been a short drive if not for a mountainside traffic jam yesterday that added an hour to our drive home covering a 2 mile stretch through some of the most damaged roads from the flood. Earlier on our way out we passed this pretty tree.

Back at home Jane says hello and my chives are sprouting on the back porch!


PS I’ll be back with a new Basket Sampler that’s perfect for Spring/Easter and a few more kits for a previous offering. Happy Monday!

Rocky Mountain Wednesday + Heart









Here are a few snowy evening vistas from our drive to church Saturday night. We still have a fair bit of snow here but it’s supposed to be in the 60s this weekend so it won’t be here much longer.

Yesterday’s heart is from Farm House in BBDs Anniversaries of the Heart sereies. I personalized this for my grandmother. EJD are her initials, 1906 is when she was born and the love of her life was my Grandpa Otto which is what the O stands for above the house. This is her wedding photo and also a picture of them on their farm in Western Michigan.

Amber and I admired this pretty Valentine display of treats on our weekly shopping morning…I leave you with today’s heart (and it’s cat hair embellishment), more tomorrow.


February Stitching






I’m launching a couple of new categories at the webshop! Last month you saw my first Basket Sampler. I’m also adding a Monthly Kitted Sampler which is only available during the current month, and another category for kits of very limited quantity called Only While They Last Kits. I’m not feeling super clever, forgive me.

So…here’s what I’ve added today. I thought the verse of this sampler was a good reminder and perfect for February. Plum Street Sampler’s Love Thy Neighbor. The model is stitched on Lakeside Linen, my kit comes instead with Edinburgh linen, at a very good price. I always serge linen cuts too.

I also have 2 (yes only 2) of these Blackbird Designs Remember Me kits so they of course are listed in the Only While They Last category. This and the Handcrafts Online facebook page are the places to watch if you have an interest in future Only While They Last offerings.

All of these Sampler Links can be found here at the Webshop!

I leave with you with a pretty picture I took yesterday of our snowy scene here. About the Super Bowl, I really enjoyed the National Anthem as for the rest….the less said, the better!!


Autumn Leaves








Ethan and I took a walk recently for the purpose of collecting some pretty Fall leaves. Mine are now displayed on the pantry door, Ethan’s are in a paper bag because he just can’t part with them but can’t be bothered to be crafty.

Please appreciate the last photo, it took a long while to get a picture of a leaf actually falling off that tree!



Don’t forget about the Colorado Flood Relief Fundraiser going on at the webshop!

I will be debuting one more new item during the fundraiser sometime next week!

something useful







Since I’m spending the day in front of my computer following flood updates and not accomplishing anything else, I thought I would blog.

Sorry for the boring photos and so many of them, humor me. I was pinspired to make some reusable produce bags. Can you see Miss Nosy Knickers having a sniff and again after I scolded her? I used tulle, sewed a double seam, and added a bit of stretchy cord along the top to help keep things inside. A half yard of tulle will make 4 medium sized bags. I think my total cost was about 85 cents. If only I had remembered to use my Hobby Lobby coupon!!

As I mentioned, we are in the midst of a flood event here. My first ever. Our neighborhood is on a little hill for which I am very thankful. Roads in every direction around us are closed and flooded at this point. I did venture out for cat food when it looked like we were well on our way to this very situation. The evacuation traffic was horrible but it’s one thing to be stranded for a few days, but to be stranded with three hungry cats…..

Our particular bit of the flooding has it’s own hashtag on social media if you are interested it’s #stvrainflood and another #longmontflood .

There is a rumor they are about to turn off the water. I’ve filled all my large cooking pots and pitchers and the bathtubs. I think I should go bake something while I can.


PS – I think I should begin a list entitled : Extraordinary Things that Happen When My Husband is out of Town

PPS – It’s still raining.

kid stuff







I’m not in the habit of blogging specifically about my kids. They show up here and there in various posts – I usually don’t feature them but I thought I’d just share a quick general update on their Summer activities. It’s been a nice busy Summer so far.

Amber moved from her apartment to a house, here’s her semi-unpacked living room – I love her purple couch. We try to do something about once a week, important things like shopping and lunch!

Tyler moved from our house to his own apartment. This is before we stuffed it to the gills will all of his treasures last weekend. I’m not sure how long before it will look semi-unpacked…

Kellen has been riding his bike all over creation and reading Mark Twain, he’s almost done with that book. Jerry has been picking out things for him to read, wonder what will be next? He now has a room to himself which I know he is happy about.

Ethan just gets dragged along wherever I go. We are doing school all Summer so that takes up part of our day. We try to go for at least a 40 minute walk everyday, preferably with a playground in the vicinity.

Hope your Summer (if it is Summer where you live, otherwise your Winter) has been good so far – it’s flying by.


meanwhile at the fair…








It’s hard to take pictures of the mountains when they are covered with clouds, so here are a few pictures from our second visit to the county fair.

Tomorrow – Garden themed pins :0)!

PS – rethinking my decision to post the pig picture right before the ice cream picture……

Friday at the Fair







We stopped by the county fair to watch a bit of the 4-H Horse Show. The other livestock won’t arrive til next week so we will be heading back for a visit. Ethan especially looks forward to getting up close and friendly with his most favorite of all, the beautiful pigs. We did stop by the little petting zoo where he said hello to some goats, sheep, rabbits, and a week old chicken, I was so busy with the animals myself that I forgot to take pictures, except for the baby chicken.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


the 4th!








Took a short drive in town to enjoy the patriotic sights and sounds – the symphony was playing in the park.

Then we stopped by the lake for a picnic.

Happy 4th!