thank you all so very much!

What a lovely weekend full of bloggy hugs! I feel so encouraged to work harder at being a good blogger and the importance of keeping a useful webshop running – thank you all!

pink flower

The winners list

Reverse Keepers

Marja & Deborah P. in FL

The Stocking

Cari (please let me know which stocking you would like Cari)

50% off webshop order

Cal A. in the UK (I’ll process your refund after I blog Cal – thank you so much for shopping with me)

I decided to draw 6 more names and send each a skein of Belle Soie Silk

Janice in PA
Cristina in Spain
Ann-Maree in Australia
Clare in England

Please be sure I have your addresses winners! Also, if you have a blog please send me your link and I’ll add it here.

Thank you again!


Here in the US it was Mother’s Day this past Sunday. Amber gave me this sweet little doll. I also received a cookbook I’ve been wanting, some very pretty vintage china thrift shop finds, and yes there was cheese from my favorite local shop. In the afternoon we went for a relaxing drive along the Poudre.


Scarlet Quince even has a cross stitch chart of the Cache la Poudre, I have it in my stash though I doubt I’ll ever get around to stitching it!

Here is the view from the spot we ate our lunch along the way –



PS – I’ll leave the free/$2.00 shipping on until Thursday!

10 thoughts on “thank you all so very much!

  1. Hello Mary Kathryn, very funny I received a cookbook to for mothersday. It’s not the same as yours. What a wonderful vieuw you had after your lunch!

    Regards from Holland, Riet

  2. Oh my, how exciting! I have loved your stockings ever since you posted about them several months ago with your sweet little beaded hangers. I am thrilled to receive one of your handmade pieces! There are so many to choose from, I think I will let you just surprise me. Thanks so much, Mary Kathryn! Congrats to the other winners as well!

  3. I missed your giveaway but didn’t want to miss saying Happy Anniversary!

    beautiful photos as usual. it sounds like you ahd a lovely Mother’s Day.

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