I like to bake, I find it relaxing. Yesterday afternoon I was feeling QUITE grumpy about a few things….I won’t get started on my list which would likely become a rant and result in more baking… anyway, I thought I’d make cupcakes but since I really needed to make dinner I settled for a homemade baked mac-n-cheese.

Since cupcakes still sounded very good to the boys, and I’m such a nice mom, but mostly because I really wanted cupcakes, I baked some this morning.

(Valentine Funfetti Cake box mix, buttercream frosting)


3 thoughts on “cupcakes

  1. I don’t get to bake much anymore. My husband is diabetic. When I was working, I would bake and then take them in there. But I don’t work anymore! The next time you make cupcakes – could you make chocolate! I will live through you by osmosis…

    Linda in VA

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