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I love to spend a quiet hour with cup of coffe and a great blog. Angela from one of my stitching groups shared a link to Nostalgia at the Stone House. Just right for my first Coffee & a Blog post. I hope to make this a regular feature of my blog that you will see now and then.

I did finish sewing up my squares from the ten exchanges I’ve been part of at Fair & Square. I decided the tassels were too fussy so I went with a simple bead detail instead. I’m going to need a bigger basket!

I hope you find a moment to snuggle up and do what you enjoy most today!


13 thoughts on “coffee & a blog

  1. beautiful basket of handmade treats
    i like the beads
    thanks for the other website
    having tea and enjoyong your blog and hers

  2. I just said to a blogging friend that I would love to see what people are doing with their Fair and Square blocks and then came to your blog. They look great Mary Kathryn! I think your kitty looks so snuggley and warm. I just finished a quilt (which you can see on my blog) that I named “Snuggles”.

    Hugs ~

  3. i absolutely love the pictures the coffee and blog is a great idea and your workstation is so neat mine is so messy at the mo.. lol i love the basket of stitched goodies they are so grand. and cute.. well done you the kitts look so adorable ..

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