Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

rmw 123d

rmw 123c

rmw 123b

rmw 123a

Yesterday (1st picture) it was beautiful and warm, like 67 degrees, today wasn’t even half as warm! You can see how frosty the pines are. We did see hundreds of elk (I mean probably about 400). Drove home through lots of fog and blowing snow, I’ve driven in much worse but it still makes for tense driving. I plan to relax with a bit of stitching and maybe some Jane Austen.


As mentioned at my webshop, starting today and continuing each Rocky Mountain Wednesday through Christmas Eve, there will be a drawing for a little Christmas gift from me. Here is the item in this week’s drawing (please note, the drawing is for the pattern, not the finished item). To enter, please leave a comment at THIS post. The winner will be announced next Rocky Mountain Wednesday (1 week from today) and a new item will be posted.


63 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. I love seeing your Rocky Mountain Wednesday pictures…so different than the CT shoreline where I live! I really would love to see your area of the country someday. Please enter me in your drawing.

  2. Dear Marykathryn,
    Your talent for both Needlework and Photography is wonderful. Your Blog is most interesting and enjoyable, to an older person who has no family here. I also cross stitch as it keeps me busy and not lonely.

    Thank You and may God Bless you and your Family. Chrissie TN

  3. I have always enjoyed your Rocky Mountain Wednesday photos!!! They are so beautiful and makes me wanted to experience it myself~
    I would love to enter your drawing~ Thank you so much for the opportunity!!

  4. Good evening Mary Kathryn,

    I check your blog just about every day. Wednesday is my favorite though since I love seeing the photographs. Thanks for sharing and yes, please enter my name into the drawing.

    Merry Stitches,

  5. My gosh look at all those Elk. I would hate to drive with them all over the road. Great pictures. Please enter me in your drawing. Thanks.

  6. You capture the splendor of the Rockies so beautifully! I can’t imagine what it’s like to see hundreds of elk; we occasionally see up to 10 deer, but that’s all.

    Please enter me in your drawing!

  7. How nice of you to do a Christmas drawing! The pattern is really cute. Please enter me. With large elk, fog and snow, I’d have white knuckles the whole time.

  8. Oh my gosh, Mary Kathryn, the chart you’re giving away is right up my alley! Please count me in!

    400 elk. Four HUNDRED? Okay, that just beggars the imagination for me. Since moving here, I get all excited if I see a single hedgehog (for wildlife). Four hundred elk would reduce me to a quivering jelly.

  9. Hello Mary Kathryn, Can I participate even if I am from France ? I love your pictures, they remind me when I spent my summer holidays in your beautifull country. Thanks, take care, Véro.

  10. Your pics are breath taking!! Love that you share them with us:)
    Wow! What a wonderful opportunity to win your giveaway! It is a beautiful chart! Thank you and please enter my name:)

  11. How exciting, a mystery box. Please enter me into the drawing.
    I love your Wednesday Rocky Mountain blogs, read them every week. I have seen them once and your posts make me remember those times. Thank you Mary Kathryn.

  12. Hi,

    Me too… I wish to participate.

    Am I right to think Rocky Mountains are not so far from Seattle ?

    Catherine from France

  13. I love Rocky Mountain Wednesdays. Your pictures are always so beautiful. I would love to be entered in your drawing. Thank you for the opportunity! 🙂


  14. Oh yes, please enter me in the drawing. It’s so nice to see more snow in the Rocky Mountain Wednesday photos this week!!
    PS I love the Christmas decorations!

  15. Mary Kathryn; it is so nice to visit your part of the country through your rocky mountain wednesdays!

    Please enter my name in your drawing.


  16. Mary Kathryn,
    Please enter me in your drawing. Love your Rocky Mt posts every Wed. They always make me want to move to Colo! I love the mountains!

    Sharyn 🙂

  17. Lovely photos Mary Kathryn. It must be heaven living there.

    Please enter me in your drawing. Never seen that chart before and my reading glasses would be snug and safe in something like that:)

  18. Hi Mary Kathryn:

    As always I love looking at your beautiful photographs on Wednesday. The scenery is spectacular.

    Please enter me into your drawing. I love the pattern.

  19. I love your pictures. I thought those had to be elk in the water since they were so visible from so far away. I would love to be included in the give away. Thanks.

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