getting there

gt c
I’ve always wanted to take a picture like this – I’ve loved them on other blogs.

gt d

gt e

gt a
The quilt in the hall back to just being a quilt in the hall

gt b
Much better!

I started my day with a cup of tea and a book on the back deck. It was very nice. Jerry went out for a short hike this morning and when he got home joined me. We came up with a short list of yard chores for the boys (Ty & Kel) to take care of today. Let me just say, due to very bad attitudes, I have now given them a very long list of yard chores to do today- I’m a mean mom!! They have been at it for almost 4 hours now – it should have taken about 2 to do the long list….maybe a whole 45 minutes to do the original list….it makes me feel a bit cranky but if that’s how they want to spend their day I guess it shouldn’t bother me. The work is getting done and I’m not the one having to do it so that is a definite plus!

I’m getting things where they need to be, I’ve come across a few other projects in progress, I’ve tossed a few too. I’ve decided to only put things I will be finishing in the not too distant future (I hope) on the wall for now and the finishes and other wips into a chest of drawers in my ‘studio’ closet. I really need to spend a day or two framing things I think and easing Jerry into the idea of a few new nail holes in the drywall.

Jerry is cooking a yummy dinner tonight – I’m looking forward to it. I’m stitching some PIFs that need to go in the mail very soon, I hope they turn out, I’m always nervous when I make things for other people. I would watch a girly movie while I stitch tonight but playing DVDs on my laptop seems to cause my computer to behave very badly lately. Maybe I’ll force the whole family to watch some Jane Austen DVD’s on the television – it can be part of the boys’ punishment!


PS – I’m having so much trouble getting my computer to cooperate today that I’ll post the links for the Sunshine Award next time.

6 thoughts on “getting there

  1. What great pictures of your projects!!

    Too funny! We had our boys in the yard today as well! They headed out the door grumpy, but once they got going and realized that it was easier if they worked as a team things moved a lot faster. They actually ended up having a good time!

  2. Me, too, Mary-Kathryn. I love this kind of picture and one day I’ll have my husband make one, too. Yours looks great! And all your wonderful WIPs!!
    Lucky you to still have boys in the house to do some yard work, lol. Here it’s just my husband and me doing all the yard work since our boys don’t live here any longer.

  3. What a nice picture, you do a lot of nice work.
    I like the pattern’s very much.
    I’ve seen you don’t finished everything, you have some work to do 🙂
    Regards Riet

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